Is Amazon lying about queue numbers?

I began my log in attempt at 1:49 pm. I was greeted with the message that my position in queue was 26. Two hours and twenty minutes later I am number 4 in queue. It takes 2 and a half hours for 22 people to log in? Highly unlikely. I believe that it’s quite possible that Amazon’s temporary “fix” for the extremely long queues is to misrepresent the number of people actually in queue. Then it get reported on game sites as Amazon having drastically reduced the number of people in queue when in fact this is not the case as evidenced by the fact that I’m 2 and 1/2 hours in queue and still waiting…

No. They literally have no reason to do that.


I am gonna assume the number was incorrect, I was 400 in que and i still got in in under 1 hour.

io ho pagato 40 euro ancora devo loggare non e’ possibile speriamo risolvono sta puttanata

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They have no reason to make queue times artificially look lower? That’s quite an odd and unrealistic response but thank you anyway.

I am glad you got in relatively quickly.

There are about 100 other things AGS would manipulate before queue numbers.

You are being overly dramatic. You got stuck in a long queue, sorry that happened, but AGS did not fake any numbers.

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If it happens again take screen shots every like 10 mins so they can see whats happening, if its a bug then its good to report it to get stuff like this fixed

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Thanks for being insulting. You are a credit to the community.

Good idea, thank you.

I’m also curious how asking a question about something that is clearly amiss is drama. Anyway, enjoy your day, Tim.

wait, wait wait… LOL

You accuse Amazon Games of LYING in your public post, then you have the nerve to be offended when someone says you are being overly dramatic?

Not very self aware, are you? :rofl:

Sorry, the “play the victim card” may work on your personal Twitter feed but it won’t work here.


No. They are not.


Must be nice. Today I was 206 in queue. 3 hrs later I was at position 80 something. Then, the game decide to just close on me. So now 2 nights in a row of not even getting to play as I started the game back up and now was in over a 400 queue. So closed it down.

It is sad though Amazon who is supposed to be the best with servers can’t even figure this out. So far their first game they made (the fps one) shut down a month or 2 after launching. This isn’t looking too good for them with this as their second game and it is their servers that can’t handle it.

Well I’m just bullshitting here, but I’ve heard the servers are each limited to 2000 people. I logged in 20 mins ago at 26 queue. I am now at 8. I do find it hard to believe that out of 2000 people, only 18 have decided to log off.

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seems like the halved the numbers overnight to me too

It’s entirely possible that number was correct. On a full server, “number in queue” is the number of people who have to log out of the game, before you get a spot.

Really sad state of affairs and shows how bad communication has been with the player base, when people think AGS are lying to them.

When I queued, it said I was 40. 2 hours and 15 minutes later, I’m number 21. lol

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Must be frustrating for you. Honestly, you’re not missing much when you do get in game.