Is Blunderbuss Sword and Shield Broken?

Right now the SnS Blunderbuss is way to overpowered at melting people. Even in heavy armor and the right gems slotted against it they can get rid of 12k health in one combo. I don’t think it has an insane impact on wars but in OPR its probably one of the worst things to go against because it generally makes the game feel worse. The stun from it causing you to not be able to do anything is silly. At least with roots and some other stuns they either don’t last as long or you have an actual opportunity to get out of them based on skill. With this, there really isn’t any skill to it. It’s almost like the old Ice Spike combo but at least then people had to be somewhat good at their timing.

I think with the upcoming arenas as well that’s going to be an insanely broken build where it will just be who can get the first stun off. I really hope in the next patch or two there is some sort of tweak to balance it out better. There should be a place for blunderbuss but a broken combo build shouldn’t be it.


i agree.


I think that they should do one or both of these things:

  1. Fix the animation cancel with claw shot. You can shoot, claw, shoot in like 1sec. If you got rid of that, it would also get rid of bow double shotting. It’s the same animation cancel.

  2. Make blast shot a stagger instead of a knockdown. You can still get off and attack after, but the target won’t be unable to move for 2 sec.

Ive been using sns/bb(with and without blast shot) and now fire staff/bb(without blast shot) for the last few weeks and in my opinion these changes would make it more “fair” while also not getting the weapon as it’ll still have a ton of burst damage.

I think that in arenas it won’t nearly be as good because it involves surprising people most of the time. And if you can’t dodge or block a leaping strike then that’s a reaction speed issue, because it’s definitely doable.

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Quite literally the worst cheese combo in gaming history. It takes zero skill to pull off something that is utterly devastating.


I think 90% of my deaths in ptr are from sns/bluderbuss doing their one combo and i cant do anything about it even with a rapier in hand.

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Its insane this combo… Yep in heavy full resi and dodgin fortification he kills me with 1 combo…13k hp . Its so broken …

In wars maybe this wont have a lot of impact… but OPR right now and in incoming 3v3 this will be a nightmare

In terms of damage output, SnS / BB is excessive. Though the excessive is coming from the BB as SnS is really nothing more than setting up a still target. Perhaps a longer cd on the reload considering it’s an old fashioned shotgun.

In PTR however it’s not what kills me though it contributes. I have side stepped blast shot, blocked leaping strike, blocked blast shot, evaded blast shot, evaded shield bash, blocked shield bash. Other times been knocked down hit but it barely scratches.

Arena is a: Chase fest, majority light armor, cheese builds, with 0 strat. If anything BB probaly needs some tuning but since It seems like AGS is more interested in turning NW into Crucible, dun hold your breath.


Yeah, I can see what you mean with the PvP arenas. A ton of my deaths have been caused by surprise from behind wherein arenas that wouldn’t be easy to create. I guess my biggest issue is within OPR.


What I meant was that the combo won’t be as good

The BB still slaps the hell out of people even without comboing :sob:


Blunderbus alone is broken.

Sword and Shield are just being used to best exploit a fundamentally broken weapon, just like Ice Gauntlet being used to best exploit a completely broken Great Axe.


I’m actually taking a break until they fix bb. Not much to do after my daily chores other than OPR and that is just broken right now. I’ll check back after the next patch.


Giving DPS characters an ability to prevent an opponent from doing anything for 2 seconds in a game with high burst damage has always been a bad idea.

S&S feels like the main issue here… Combined with the Shield attributes carrying to your secondary weapon.

All our OPR games, there’s at least 5-10 Light S&S players with every sort of weapon combo.

It’s super busted.

It’s not sns…you can complete the same combo with any other cc/stun. It’s 100% bb.


Simple, reduce Shield bash stun to 1 sec, as you AGS did with void gauntlet scream, you will never see SnS again.

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I bet 90% of your kills are from at range against players who “couldn’t do anything about it”. Oh, but your attacks “can” be dodged and the fact that the enemy was engaged with someone else while you melted him with 0 danger to yourself just means that left clicker needs to git gud.

Ye sure nerf SnS so BB can’t oneshot you, makes sense … and then nerf WH, spear stuns and knockdowns so BB can’t oneshot you.

I have an easier solution, nerf that damn BB burst.


It’s the Blunderbuss that’s the culprit.

I have literally been killed by a SnS/BB combo with the person only using Shield Bash, not even a leaping strike multiple times in a game.

I’ve also been killed by a IG/BB combo with the person using Ice Showers and then the BB combo.

Basically pair any weapon ability that stuns with the Blunderbuss and the Blunderbuss combo can be used.

So to reiterate, it’s the Blunderbuss not every other weapon paired with it. So everyone stop asking for all other weapons to be nerfed because the Blunderbuss is OP.


I main bb and i would prefer the stagger/stun.

Imo there is nothing OP about the claw shot cancel unless you do it to someone who is on the ground as a part of 100-0 ing them with like 3 actions while they cant move.

I dont use ss or blast shot with blunderbuss partially because i think the combo makes you worse with the weapon. Why aim when you can just run and come back with your guaranteed kill?

Keep it simple. People die in blast shot knockdowns, maybe blast shot shouldnt knock you down so long.

Ice shower is nerfed next patch. At the moment, a banana could kill you in an ice shower. The ig bb user is able to literally ADs shoot you for 4 seconds while you cant dodge. No shit that kills.

Shield bash is the whole start of the combo. It gives you enough time to emote with the double shooting fingers and then blast shot.

Also, blast shot should break on damage.

You are dying to cc in both scenarios. Only one of the weapons gets its cc nerfed next patch and that is ice.

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