Is Blunderbuss Sword and Shield Broken?

I’ve mailed bb since it came out as well and played SNS for like 5 months before that and I would also prefer the stagger on sns, but it would be more balanced if it were a root or slow instead.

The claw shot cancel is op when combined with venturing claw shot + the 9 pellet mastery.

2kish dmg, a root, and another 3kish damage in 1 second is probably not the intent that they had when designing claw shot.

I also didn’t use blast shot when I was SNS/bb. I used the nades, and I could still “one shot” many people without blast shot, and take huge chunks of HP from heavier armored players.

Spear wh and whatever other weapons you are trying to pretend have one shot bb builds…do not have one shot bb builds. Not on live, not on ptr. Only ss.

Why? Because ss is too fast for the cc it delivers

@Poppa_Snipe sees the game being played by posters here trying to protect their broken BB by claiming it’s the SnS that is broken, just like the Great Axe players (many, if not most, are the same players) trying to protect their broken Great Axe by claming it’s the Ice Gauntlet that is broken.

With Sword and Shield, though…it hasn’t significantly changed at all, and was never considered even good, let alone OP, until the Blunderbuss came along.


Sundering shockwave into clear out or wrecking ball into the BB stuff is even deadlier than SNS. You just can’t really initiate it on an aware target because hammer cc is so slow. But in clumps it’s good. You can even still one shot in min/max medium using this setup.

Counterpoint - that is single target damage that requires aiming because you are shooting prior to the claw shot to get the most burst.

5k damage is not crazy when you consider an axe is doing 3k per target aoe with maelstrom while blocking projectiles. This is with one button press vs needing to aim a claw shot while executing the hitscan combo.

Hell bow can do that in one shot from a farther distance. It is just too hard to land.

People are complaining about the blast shot first and foremost. That i understand. Full cc zero to deaths are kot skill based.

The rest of the complaints? Imo there are a lot of people who are convinced they will never switch builds. When something comes along to bother that build they want it gone, not balanced.

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Oh they do have that 1 shot BB build. Its just noone plays that because SnS is the easiest way of how to deliver BB burst :slight_smile: Leap into stun is just easier to do than stun someone with WH or spear because you need to get close. But it doesn´t mean its not oneshot. Once you stun someone with WH or Spear you can oneshot him with BB just like with SnS because you don´t need 3s stun to deliver BB dmg. Its actually stun - switch to BB - kill. You definitely don´t need 3s bash stun to switch to BB :slight_smile:

We have different defintions of one shot. I am referring to viable one shots that arent just being punished for getting hit by slow cc.

If you want to be really technical, none of these are one shots because youre actually dumping 5/6 of your abilites into them. Then you have the individual pellets…

Imo ss and blast shot are the culprits here. Nerf the bb damage and everyone who can afford it will just go bow.

Many were going to already considering it is absolutely deadly from long range next patch and, unlike bb, doesnt have hoards of players who hate dying to new weapons screaming nerf on the forums.

Hope AGS learns from the void gauntlet debacle. Forums complaints are in regard to symtoms (ss bb killed me with no response possible) not actual root causes (knockdowns are still hard cc yet they have the durations of stuns and roots.)

Nobody on these forums means literally one instance of damage when using the phrase “one shot” :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah although the viability of the one shot matters. None of those other weapons have the consistent fast cc to make the combo worth dropping ss

Second point - barely anyone even runs those builds because bb is not op outside of having a guaranteed, easy way to cc someone for the blast shot combo.

Hammer bb, spear bb - basically meme builds because you are either blast shot cheesing someone people dont see the value in the weapon.

Can we just re-work SNS?

Its only use in PVP is to enable cheese builds. I see SNS BB and SNS WH guaranteed zero to death everyone.

How. Did. It. Even. Make. It. Into. The. Game.


U want to rework planes so that that they dun deliver nuclear bombs?
Do you understand that it will render sword and shield useless and create a problem in PVE?

I have a bit over 13k health in light armor (I have the 200 armor con 20% perk to boot) and have been killed instantly by the BB combo by multiple SnS/BB users in different OPRs.

Sometimes it’s face to face not even from behind. So I don’t know who is lying to peps saying it’s only around 5k damage for that BB combo.

No that is you misreading. There are multiple combos on the weapon. He was referring to another.

Please do not compare BB/SnS and WH/SnS it is not even remotely the same. BB does twice the damage with half the cast time.

At least with hammer ur standing there for 6 seconds doing ur combo and most you can kill usually is a 150con medium armor. If a healer heals the victim (since it’s a gradual combo) or someone interrupts you it’s failed.

If a healer has fortify and 200con as light even that can be hard to kill with no initial backstab for the double empower.

On a another hand a healer can’t do jack shiet to help a BB victim and the combo is done in half the time and requires no backstab unless to kill a heavy 200con+.


The damage is fine given the range. Nobody complains about non blast shot blunderbuss so dont nerf anything other than blast shot.
There is no reason to take the weapon apart and try to nerf everything a little when there is a 3 second(?) Knockdown you can just no aim shoot people after hitting.

Ss is also in need of a rework. Leaping strike is too fast or shouldnt guarantee a shield bash.

BB yes, SNS only if you a noob

Didnt you run bb/ss for a few weeks, do amazing with it, then switch to the hatchet/ss gank build and get the same results? On maramma.

Youre obviously good at what you do, but both of the builds revolve around beating peoples reaction time with leaping strike + shield bash. Is hatchet OP too? Were not going to run out of weapons that can make use of instant engage + 3 second stun unless the game gets really boring.

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i think problem is blunderbuss. ive come across people with IG/BB and they just put an ice shower and destroy you in a very short amount of time. Ice shower is already a horrible ability and i dont know what the hell is wrong with BB but whatever it is, it should be fixed/nerfed.