Is crafting worth it at all now

So before mutations I started working on crafting. Got armorsmith to 200, some others to 200 as well but started working on weaponsmith and jewelcrafting. With the release of the mutations and a lot of BIS items, would you say it’s worth it to level crafting for the off chance you get a god roll that sells for 100s of thousands. Or is it pretty much trash at this point and not getting back to any sort of worth.

By the time you get lucky enough for that one item that can sell for 100k you would have probably been able to sell the materials for 500k.

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cool so just gather and sell mats…and cooldowns.

correct, get wrekt for trying to do content in new world lol. Shame on you for trying to get some good gear without buying out the entire server to do it.

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Short answer is no.

The difference between a double perk item and a triple one is not worth at all the money.

You can have double perk items for like 5k. To get one triple one… It will cost at least 100k or more.

The only 3rd perk that could be worth the money is “refreshing” (so on top of resilient and weapon perk)… but then, the price of the item is not 100k, but at least 300k.

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