Is Elemental Aversion Efficient in Mutations?

Hi Adventurers,

This question has puzzled me for a long time. I know that physical aversion works well in mutations since there are lots of archers and muskets, and some bosses also make several standard ranged physical attacks.

But are there as many monsters as that do standard ranged elemental attacks? How many types of mobs or bosses do you guys know that do standard ranged elemental attacks (especially in mutations)?

I’d be willing if you’d like to share the info, thanks!


Aversion it’s only for ranged attacks


Ya, and I’m wondering that which monsters do ranged elemental attacks in the game, all I seem to know so far is that the corrupted wizards may do standard ranged elemental attacks, or some elemental spells also count as ranged elemental “attacks”?

Yeah OP had mentioned that in their post. They asking how frequent are elemental ranged attacks and they are also asking how relevant is the perk given that physical aversion has some pretty nice benefit from rangers and other ranged physical attacks.

As for the answer I am not sure, I feel that it is less relevant than physical aversion for sure. It is not completely useless either but would be nice to hear from people with better awareness of when this is relevant and when it is not. Perhaps specific bosses and things like that?

Emm tempest and dynasty?

The perk used to be “reduce standard ranged elemental attacks”, and it’s “reduce ranged elemental attacks” now, does that means some damage from spells will also be reduced by Elemental Aversion perk?

ive always wanted to see a chart breaking down damage types taken per dungeon , at sirens she does a lighting range attack and it does help there maybe also the arcane in lazarus ? id love to see a full chart


What if a ranged mob has the “Abyssal” mutator? There, half of the damage is converted into elementary. Does that count then?

I hope we will find out someday…

The first miniboss in laz uses ranged magic attacks. I think it’s an ability, not a basic. Maybe some of the corrupted bosses like neish and the ladies in dynasty, some of the mobs too. That’s all that comes to mind. I never use that perk for anything if I can help it, too specific imo. Rather just have cdr or phys aversion.

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