Is ExitLag Legal?

Hi there,
Today i decided to try Exitlag as after the server merges, im having quite a high ping on the new server, I know it’s not from anything because I have high priority to the game and there arent any background games. I used to have 60-80 ms ping on my old server, and then after the merge, i havent seen anything below 120 ms, it normally bounces between 120-150 ms. After trying ExitLag, I was able to get back to 60-80 ms ping. So I was wondering if ExitLag is a bannable thing on New World or not?


I can’t see how a program would be able to bypass the routing your ISP uses or move servers closer to you.

Sounds like a big hoax

Yet when im using the program, im getting 80ms and when it’s off i get 120 ms :slight_smile: how do you explain that? :slight_smile:

80ms ping… Mydude thats bad

Exitlag source code

When user ask ping
return 80ms

edit can you check your ping ingame?

umm im telling the ping that New World gives :slight_smile:

Yeah well, thats what happens when you live somewhere further away from a server :’)

I get that. Been there.

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80ms is normal for me in NW. Kind of booty IMO, plus I get spikes of 250+.
Never have the problem in other games, Rocket League is on of the most lag sensitive games I play IMO and I have no issues playing that.

Exit lag is basically a VPN that constantly searches multiple potential routes to your destination point and chooses the fastest route. It will also switch automatically to one of the alternate routes if the route you are on becomes unreliable. This may have the effect of lowering your latency depending on whether or not there are any problems between you and your destination, or if there is some more optimal route that your ISP would not normally route you through. In your case it appears that the service is somewhat beneficial to you.

As far as it being bannable - it is not an addon to NW itself and it is not altering the data between you and the server in any way. Neither Amazon in general nor New World, specifically, has a policy against the use of a VPN.


So your conspiracy theory is that this company is completely fabricating the results in order to fraudulently claim that they are providing a service? I wonder what evidence you have in order to make such a libelous claim? How do you explain that they have not yet faced criminal charges?

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It acts like a backbone provider with multitudinous servers. Eventually, though, you connect to AGS servers.

IMHO, it’s not worth the money.

I can’t imagine Exitlag is illegal. Gaming VPN’s are very common and often encouraged in games. Their sole purpose is to improve your routing but we’re all ultimately limited by the speed of light so our pings can only be improved by so much. I’ve used a couple gaming VPN’s and Exitlag is my favorite. WTFast is good, too, but they became too inconsistent.

Most of the people commenting here haven’t the slightest idea what they’re talking about. They’ve probably only ever lived in one place and never played a server located more than a few states away. They don’t even know what a bad ping looks like, ignore them.

I’ve played games from 8 states and 3 countries linking to servers all over the world. I and countless others have been using these services and they absolutely help keep your ping consistent, and I’ve never heard of any game deeming them illegal.


Hmmm, it seems I misread what you wrote. Then it seems to improve the ping through tunnelling past something.

I’m far (far far) from an expert, but wouldn’t that pose the risk of other hiccups like dropped packages and other bad things? :thinking:

I got a dropped package once and Amazon refunded it right away.


Dude I lol’d so hard I spit my redbull out :joy: :rofl: :smile:

I don’t know if ExitLag is legal, but I don’t understand it, so naturally I fear it, therefore I must reject it.

ExitLag is legal… It is a gaming VPN. I have used them for years. EL takes my ping from Asia 300-400s to 180s to a EU server. East coast 200s, When I played FF online to the west coast server my ping was down to 30…

Their customer support is top notch, You can ask them to help give you the best perameters for your game and if a game is not listed they can add it.

Lol you call 80ms bad? I would pay for a vpn that can lower me to that ping lol, because if i get ~160ping it already be a miracle, normal i’m just around ~180ping (though i’m not sure how that can be so bad at that ping, it even worse than when i’m play SWTOR with ~250ping; i’m in SEA and currently play on AP Southeast, which should be nearer than East coast server in SWTOR)