Is fishing going to be fixed before the fishing-heavy summer event?

Fishing luck is currently broken in that stacking too much of it cuts off fish we’re trying to catch from the loot pool. With as much fishing luck as I can feasibly get (on all 5 pieces of clothes, top bait, some on the rod, and 3 major trophies) I’m hitting up 3-star hotspots to get oysters to gather and sell pearls. But all I’m catching are mostly-useless treasure chests, and completely useless legendary Glowing Guardfish that literally have no use.

Can’t you just give every Tier 4 rare fish an equal weight in the loot pool when fishing? Whatever you’ve done with it, once luck hits a certain amount, treasure chests are the only Tier 4 Rare thing being fished out of hotspots.

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When they mentioned luck in one of the dev videos I’m sure they said “you can’t have too much luck”…well in fishing you can.

I seriously can’t believe they have made a whole event based around fishing with the broken state it’s in; useless legendary fish, “ultimate fishing trophy” which doesn’t exist, etc.

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Devs solution to fishing problems is “increase fishing exp, add temporary event for fishing or decrease overall XP for maxing out fishing”. This is their solution to any complaint.

  • “Fishing is not rewarding!” - solution by Dev team “here, have an 2x fishing experience”
  • “Fishing is least popular profession” - solution by Dev team “here, have an fishing event with 2x XP”
  • “No one is fishing” - solution by Dev team “here, have an 2x fishing experience”
  • “Fishing is least leveled life skill” - solution by Dev team “We decreased XP required for 200 fishing”
  • “Treasure chests are junk” - solution by Dev team “Here, have more fishing XP”
  • “Fishing aptitude chest are junk” - solution by Dev team… “yes more fishing 2x XP!”

What else can you expect from Devs who claim fishing is their favorite activity and then speak how fun it is to fish those " rare, EPIC and legendary fish and that tadpoles struggle the most…" on dev update video. Yea, we have Devs who claim fishing is their favorite activity and they don’t even know that there are no epic fish.


Good thing it doesn’t exist (yet)! This leaves you with goals to achieve in the near future.
Be satisfied that AG has thought of all those who love fishing during the next summer festival.

It’s weird that they launched with broken fishing luck trophies, finally fix them 8 months later, and the luck breaks the loot pool.

go to tier2 hotspots or use no baits then u will also get oysters.

but, and this is my opinion, they don’t broke the lootpool with to much luck in fishing because when i want to fish legendary fishes in cutless keys or monarch bluffs i need the whole luck.

maybe they could rework the fishing luck, so that when a rare fish (incl. treasure chest) is caught, it is drawn at random which one it is and not like now that more luck is needed for a treasure chest than for rare fishes.

Or they could take all these worthless baits make them all apply a bonus to catch specific fish etc. Allowing people to more actively fish for specific things. It would also fix the problem of many baits being tossed on the ground because they serve no purpose at all.



Bait system is a joke. Best bait can be picked right next to fishing spots and crafted bait is junk, where is the logic here?

But dont you dare to suggest it here. Now when mods happen to read it we will have another 2x fishing xp event.

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