Is Gathering Efficiency Working?

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  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Craft a logging axe with logging efficiency, note when chopping a tree that your character does not perform the chops faster.

Same here. ~20% logging efficiency perk seems to make no difference… I get same amount of wood in 10 minutes, whenever I use this perk on not (I use same tree route).

It’s an additive number: You already have around 700-720% gather speed with an ori tool. This perk is kinda useless ngl

I can see it being interpreted that way. My thing is that the perk description says " Logging speed is increased by 23%." not gather speed. It could be semantic but at the least its ambiguous.

If what you say is true though, wouldn’t comparing the gather speed on two axes, one with logging efficiency and one without, show a difference? I’m not on right now but here’s what I have:

  • 585GS + Logging Efficiency = 815% Gather Speed

If someone else has a logging axe at the same gear score without logging efficiency then reply to this with the gather speed. If it’s lower then we’ll have proven your point :slight_smile:

If logging efficiency is an additional gather speed then it’s useless. If you have 800% gather speed then 20% logging efficiency should be equal to 160% gather speed, something more like that. Or I thought it’s speed of logging animation.

Anyways, it’s not working. Please fix it.

It’s working but it’s just useless Perk at high level, it need to be multiplary from what you got and not addition

How do we know that it is working and additive? I understand it would explain the feeling like it’s not working but I haven’t seen anyone reply with a gathering tool with a similar GS and it’s gathering speed.

If it’s additive or has any effect on the gathering speed stat we’d see it in the gathering speed displayed, yeah?

Please fix it.

I was able to hop on and compared these two logging axes below:

There gear score isn’t the same but I think it’s close enough for this example. I feel simple logic examples could debunk some theories on how the perk works or whether the perk is working in game so I’ve tried to lay out my thought process below.

If additive to Gather Speed:

  • We would see a difference of at least +23 between the two axes considering the logging efficiency perk. We clearly see the difference is less than that (9 specifically).

If multiplicative with Gather Speed:

  • We could roughly estimate this by taking the 581GS @ 807% Gather Speed and multiply it by 1.23 to get something close to what we would expect from our 585GS axe with the perk. This yields ~992.6% Gather Speed which is clearly not what we are seeing so this is likely not its implementation either.

If increase in animation speed:

  • What myself and others expected the perk to do. It’s quickly apparent just by viewing the animation or wood/hr that also isn’t the current implementation. We see no increase in animation speed when using an axe with the logging efficiency perk.

If there is another interpretation of the perk that isn’t listed then I’d be happy to hear it but the three most straight-forward implementations all seem to not be present. So…yeah. I literally think the perk just isn’t turned on in the code.

If we could get some DEV eyes on this or a statement or on how the perk is meant to work and its status on if its working then I’d appreciate it. I’m sure a lot of lumberjacks out there would too :slight_smile:

Couldn’t help but set up the forums account to reply to this misunderstanding of how statistics work in New World. (Don’t mean this in a rude nor confrontive way, only desire to help spread knowledge.)

But there is a reason people are saying it’s either additive or multiplicative and said reason is bellow:

It’s been well known by the community for many months now, documented and noted even in online resources, probably around the time of the data mining that Fluff heard happened ages ago or perhaps the devs themselves said it, that the gathering speed number that shows up on the item stats card of gathering tools is purely based on Gear Score and Item Tier, nothing else affects it’s statistical appearance on the item card and “statistical appearance” are the keywords here.

Because regardless of whether or not your 585 Gear Score Logging Axe has the Logging Efficiency perk, it will appear as 816% Gather Speed in it’s item stats card no matter what, the real statistical calculations for things people can’t see are happening invisibly in the background of the game, and since this game doesn’t have a proper stat totals display page in the UI for every stat that exists, we can’t see our stat totals after calculations.

Therefore the wondering question of whether or not it’s additive or multiplicative remains, many end game gatherers seem to agree that it’s additive in the exact same way as the Gathering Speed Territory Bonus (which also doesn’t affect the statistical appearance of the gather speed stat on gathering tool item cards).

If it were multiplicative, there would be would be a noticeable gather speed difference in at least some of the nodes, most notably a 2-3+ hit difference to fully mine the highest tier/biggest sized nodes if it were multiplicative and an over all much higher yield over time going through their usual gathering routes.

Of course with all being that said, there is the possibility that the perk might have been intended to be multiplicative but was mistakenly made into being additive instead, because in all honesty, yes, additive for 23% is a very tiny and unnoticeable difference for endgame gatherers (it’s the same for early game gatherers too), to the point where that only the most die hard gather speed territory bonus investors would notice, and even they might not notice a difference.

So with all that in mind, Fluff can completely understandable why most people think it’s either broken or bugged in the way of it being incorrectly implemented as additive rather than multiplicative, fluff leans in towards the incorrectly implemented as an additive side of things.

If however, for whatever reason, additive IS the correct implementation of the perk, then that would be very surprising, given the fact that it would become the new most worthless perk on tools, because then the Durability perk, the previously most worthless perk, would be noticeably better and preferable over the Gathering Efficiency perks that do effectively nothing.

Fun thing to note however: The game does have the ability to display stat changes in gathering speed on the tool item stat card when a tool is broken (even though it broken means the tool is unusable so you can’t even see the negative speed difference in action) for whatever reason.

Bump while waiting for AGS team to reply on this. We definitely deserve honest answer wheither it’s broken or working as intended.

I’d like to know as well, for now I’m skipping this perk.


bump. Still waiting.