Is gs bugged ? I wouldn’t be surprised!

Everything equipped is 611 still says I’m 610 .


Not all gear slots are weighted equal. Weapons count for like 45% of your gear score, your chest piece counts for about 25%, etc. I think leggings and jewelry are next. Then gloves. Boots are last and only count for like 4.5% of your gear score.

If you google it you can find the exact percentages. I think the order I gave you is correct but I could be wrong.

This doesn’t make any sense I have been leveling up with umbral shards when everything was 609 I was 609 when everything was 610 I was 610,when everything is now 611 I’m still 610

Tried the relog didn’t work

Regardless of how each piece is weighted, if he is 611 on everything then his gear score should be 611.


GS is weighted, and the game math breaks after GS 600.

So, basically they said hey GS avarage is calculated 1.3x on weapons and 0.6x times on shoes, this fits perfectly for GS 600. But once they added 600+ it started to be oviously bugged.

You can use this calculator to get the most AVG gearscore from your shards, since it accounts for this bad math.

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So it’s not even possible to get 625 at all is what I am to understand.

well by the math it’s not possible, but they dirty fixed this so you get more avg GS on 625 items, it’s literally a mess.

Of course it’s bugged this is taking forever just doing gypsum casts I do only one M1 expedition so far !

I sometimes wonder if these developers/gamedesigner all failed school got drilled into dev bootcamps by unemployment agencies and ended up at amazon.

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You are never going to get there on gypsum casts alone. By the time you get halfway there they will probably raise it again.

I don’t find the laz or dynasty any fun cause I’m not built for it so just stacking my keys for gen

I feel you. If you like OPR and there are still people left playing then after the Feb patch you can earn more that way.

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yeah just stack them, and get some group that does key 4 key, it’s 100 Times more reasonable then farming M4, M5, M6 for 50 weeks.

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Yep waiting on that if there will still be enough to fill opr

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