Is Hades EU being Merged?

On Hades (EU) we are today seeing a message that our server will be merged on 20 December


However we are not on the official list of server merges? AGS please advise so we can prepare accordingly.


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Hope you get a response but its my understanding that the world other worlds are merging INTO are not in the list because they just carry on as normall , no shutdown and then they see more people all of a sudden. The map doesnt even change.

It looks like they are aiming for Med Populations. They stated in the dev video they want to see enough players to run activities rather than filling up servers.

According to your server already peaks at 1000 - 1200 which is where most will be after mergers. I highly doubt your server is being merged then.

That message probably just means they are locking your server to stop people leaving to other merged servers.

Just in case, there is an updated post here with the full details: [Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe

It’s not on the linked list either

From what I understand, if it’s not on the list, it shouldn’t be merged. I’ll double-check with the team but just to set expectations, I may not hear back about this in time since it’s the weekend.


absolutely understandable :slight_smile: it is not a “problem”, just something that has quite some people on edge all day, since we can’t find information


List has the two below lines

  • Duat will be merging into Asgard for Vanaheim Zeta.
  • Eurytheia, Finias, and Takshasila, will be merging into Diana’s Grove for Vanaheim Zeta.

Thank You. Hopefully we can get an update soon.

Hey! So I checked and Hades should not be getting merged. The notification, as I’m aware, should be removed at this time. Thanks for making us aware of this!


Thank You for the fast response especially over weekend. Happy holidays!

Just to add - Hades will likely be the early 2022 target for merged Diana’s grove, that’s the only option how to achieve 1000+ population in this world set.

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