Is it fair? Was the game designed to be like this?

I sadly need to agree with you. In the old server that I mentioned, it promoted the exodus that turned that server in a low pop server.

It is fair.

That is how the game was designed to be.

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Kind of answer I don’t have arguments against. Indeed it is the proposal. Anyway, that’s really sad that just because of this poor game design, things turn the experience so bad. My hope is that AGS change such game base design like they did HWM system

BTW, I am pretty confident that most of the greens (or any dominant color) members don’t know how they are negatively impacting the other 2 colors. It’s implicit the effects of this, but the result is in general the same. People quitting thinking that the game is bad, but it is not, just have such designs very bad designed that affect the experience of a few, once the “dominant” side has insignificant downsides after some time dominating and accumulating upgrades/money/active members/etc.

Fair? Well it’s a competition, so either win the war or don’t.
It’s not like they will just give each faction static control over 3 territories each and call it a day.

In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter who controls what except for bragging rights.


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Tax money the greed

Might want to try Aeaea server or whatever its name. When I left the map was all yellow… I am now in a new server and I cant say its contested but at least every faction has two territories.

The hardcores are going to take over there is no getting around it. It is the way the gaem is designed. Everyone doesn’t have large amounts of time to dedicate to gearing and planning for wars. It’s fine. Let the hardcores have fun and take over territory if that’s their thing meanwhile I’ll be fishing. No big woop.

If you were a green who didn’t even care about wars you’d be fine with this map because you get all the perks.

lol. never held everfall?

It has a significant impact on azoth costs. If that changed then I’d largely agree with you (as part of the azoth cost can be altered by contesting MB, CK and FL forts and has a greater significant impact on it and has little to do with territory control).

Generally speaking, I much prefer the world map of our old server (a decent mix, albeit with one faction being less dominant) than the new one (100% green). And I look forward to the next day or two when we should see that change.

We’re lucky that we have the forces to change it though. I’m guessing the OP’s server doesn’t.


That’s demone kims server. It has merged with orophena (sp?)

Stop losing

True, but Azoth is so easy to get it offsets the cost.
Do I like cheaper travel? Sure who doesn’t,but it doesn’t affect enough where I need to change the way I play the game.

Either way, there’s an impact. Looking at the awful state of the server we merged into, there’s more of an impact indirectly as well. But, thankfully, the merging companies will have something to say about that and (I hope) rebuild the world’s cities into something worth living in again.

I feel sorry for all the incumbents of that server though (the ones that aren’t part of the obvious zerg faction). They’re so happy more players have turned up. Must have been a crap game for them for months.

Love those people replying to threads like this with “git gud” or “just start a war and claim them back”. It’s like no-one realises that there are many solo players, players who are not in some uber-elite guilds where you have send your monthly blood donations just to be allowed in or simply don’t do PvP.

This is what happens when you merge companies who have duped gold or owned most profitable cities and withdrawn millions of gold each with companies who were probably barely surviving on their servers. With numbers as low as they are I can see a ton of players leaving after this again. My server was 1000 players yesterday after some others getting merged into ours and it’s already only 600 today. If this continues we’ll be back to the usual 300 as it was a week ago.

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If you are a solo player why would you even care about factions? I mainly PVE so I don’t really care who controls what. It’s great when my faction controls places I get perks but if they don’t they don’t. I’m not signing up for wars so I have nothing to complain about.

It is player driven, so it is ‘fair’. Like those in gold and purple could all agree to move to gold or purple, thus creating 1 larger faction that could then (hopefully) properly compete with green. Of course, far easier said than done. (or a company from green could move/switch)

AGS has said they plan on doing something to help encourage faction balance. But for now, it is what it is.

Completely separating settlement control from all player influence is really the best way for the game.

For example, on this map, if Green takes the whole map, new players may as well choose Green and enjoy all benefits – including flagging for PvP luck bonus and encountering basically no one who can attack you because everyone else is Green.
This is the real reason why PvP pushed for a luck bonus – because they know people don’t care to contest lopsided maps and just want the benefits. @Lane @Zin_Ramu On paper it looks like more players flag for PvP, but in reality, there’s LESS PvP happening.

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