Is it hard to get a tank for dungeon in NW?

Queuing for PvE is tank starved or not in New World ? We have a pocket healer but none of us want to tank :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately happens for just role based games. Overwatch 2 is having the healer issue itself right now.

As someone who has tanked every MMO since 2004 Vanilla WoW, tanking in NW is hands down the worst of them all. Threat is very wonky and no great way to see aggro on mobs and when you are about to lose aggro. Taunts are not instant, mobs will keep doing what they want for a bit after a taunt. The knockbacks paired with their garbage mutation design makes it even more miserable as you are always being slowed, rooted, or some other bullshit effect. Then, for whatever reason NW seems to have farrrrrrrrrrr more drooling DPS who think holding W is the way to play and run ahead of tanks, begin pulling, bow/mage users begin casting ranged while the tank is trying to proxy aggro and group everything which cause threat to change and mobs to start running other directions. Then on top of that AGS thought of a brilliant design, a defense event (barrel and tree) where mobs will ignore threat and taunts at times and run off to hit the object you are defending almost rendering a tanks role useless during those events. Super great tank design


As a healer I’m usually the one initiating but my team has kinda accepted that I’m out of control and play around it haha. I tend to grab everyone and pull them in so the tank can taunt haha. It does speed up a run and create some hilarious pulls.

This is probably why I am not allowed to DPS, because I’d be one of those DPS that surprised Pikachu faces when I die after not waiting for the tank. As a healer I can at least set up the heals and pull everyone into the circle for the tank to take over haha.

Hey you keep doing you. I personally block/ignore anyone who pulls that isnt the tank and wasnt asked to pull. Sometimes tanks will ask a range to pull and LoS something, outside that, sit down, stay back, and let the tank do it’s job or go queue tank yourself. I live by YPYT, You Pull, You Tank. I will sit back and watch the group wipe



Tank dies, healers fault. Healer dies, tanks fault. Dps dies, its their own damn fault.

In a pub, yes it is extremely hard to find a complete m+ group that doesn’t have a tank doing everything he insists is right because he has done it with another group but never spoke to this group(despite wiping the group over and over), a healer that just respecs to healer with no experience or gear, DPS trying to sneak in to raise GS in m+ with no experience on clearing dungeon. Everyone trying to cut and paste a min/max meta with no game experience or functional connection/pc.

Just add in many many many other experiences for each role. Yes it is very hard on small or large server with limited people around the clock wanting to gamble with a pug(especially ones that have invasive non regional languages taking over).

It is hard.

The dps in this game are the worst I have ever seen. Every fight should be the same, let the tank go in first, wait until the tank stops moving and gets a few auto attacks/taunt. Then go ham. But no, randomly multiple times per run a dps thinks “no this part is easy so I can just do whatever” but that small adjustment makes it harder and slower, and sometimes causes wipes.

Even better when you get to the dps check part of a dungeon and that same dps ignores their job and just keeps attacking the boss.

I no longer tank for pubs in NW.Forum username is relevant


-Threat/hate system is funky and needs a rework.

-Dps dont listen and go off 1v1ing mobs gaining arggo without sticking with the tank/others.

-Gets blamed for any death. (Dps die then it must he the tank fault. Healer dies then must be the tank fault. Tank dies then must be the tank fault)

I dont blame anyone for not wanting to tank in NW. Who would want this headache when you can just roll dps and just spam left clicks and skills with no responsibility?


No. Many tanks

As a Tank, I hate tanking pug m10s. The pulls, skips, exploit preferences, and everyone wants to be muted and get mad when things go south.

The portal at the beginning of tempest for example. There are different ways to do it, but none of them work if youre not on the same page.

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Been tanking in MMO games for 20 years and I can safely say, tanking in New world is the worst tanking experience in my gaming history. It sucks and its boring.

Not getting Knockback immunity with tower shield blocking and no real way too see your current aggro other than you have it or you dont have it is just bad. Taunts not working instantly is also da poop.


I’ve been tanking for about the same time in MMORPGs and aside from very niche builds for specific purposes, tanking in New World has been very entertaining because i have to do more than pushing one Button.

We had 40 people RAIDs where the maintank actually felt asleep for a few minutes and Nobody noticed it until the tank would have to use a CD to circumvent a one Shot.

I’d love to tank, I’ve even dreamed about it, but then I realized that I needed 4 new sets with ward that I need to upgrade to 625 which will cost me 180k Umbral Shards and I must make sure they all have the same stats otherwise I’ll need to respec every time I change expedition.
It’s funny because I always forget, sometimes I see an expedition lacking a tank and I’m like, I’m gonna build a tank and then I remember all I have to do, excellent game design.


I was going to post then read the thread and everyone already expressed my sentiments about tanking in NW. So I won’t repeat in detail only confirm from my own experiences that:

  1. Taunts in the game are wonky. They hit and sometimes miss.
  2. DPS in the game don’t understand Holy Trinity concepts (let tank pull first, etc);
  3. Tank gets blamed for everything.
  4. 4 sets of gear and switching gems weekly are a MUST as a tank. So being a tank in NW is VERY expensive. I only just completed my LOST set of tanking gear.

To add, there are simply not enough (IMO) taunts in the game and the CDs are a bit much. I have had to add Refreshing to all of my gear in order to see a decent cd on my taunts.

Tanks are now being offered GOLD on my server to tank. Thats how bad its getting. I tanked in FFXIV and the experience is the COMPLETE Opposite of NW, DPS are respectful, let me taunt first and you are given plenty of tools to work with. Too bad that game bores TF out of me. :frowning:

Recently I have switched from tanking to heavy Bruiser and am having a blast. My groups work well because I stay behind the bosses, let the tank pull first and do everything to support the team. I get friended by the tanks in every PUG group I have run with.

Im about to log in soon, and hopefully we can find a Tank :stuck_out_tongue:

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I always put “VOIP MUST BE ON” when hosting my groups and I do a comms check before we start once we are all zoned in. If I cant get a response back from everyone that they can atleast hear me (dont need a mic) then I ask one last time via text chat to enable party VOIP. If they do not, I start a vote kick, dps are easy to replace. If the team wont vote kick, I will just leave the group and reform.

Every mmo ever has always been starved for tanks and healers… they are almost always the last people to join your group, and the most important people in your group.

To make it worse they are also the most important players to understand the mechanics to prevent the entire group from failing.

So most people don’t want to tank/heal, because in reality they don’t like responsibility. Find some friends of yours who are willing to put on their big boy pants and take the lead…

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