Is it just me or are there an excessive number of bots out there?

I’ve been playing MMO’s since the mid 90’s and remember gold duping and botting happening back then. Of course everything was still pretty new and the game developers hadn’t dealt with these issues before. Now, 25 years later, if it happens, it’s because the developers decided not to put safeguards in.

I enjoy progressing through the levels and am in no hurry to reach max level especially since there is no real end game outside of PVP. It does seem like the fastest way to max is to set up a harvesting bot and harvest your way to 60 and a lot of people are doing that

There are literally 8-10 bots fishing at every hotspot in Windsward on my server. At all times.

My server isn’t that bad, maybe 1/2 as many bots at fishing hotspots, still a lot IMO

When an activity is more grind, than it is fun, then this sort of thing becomes inevitable. :frowning:

I’ve taken to fishing the rare and secret hotspots to escape the bots and people training fishermen. :grin:

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I’m on some random German server, which overall is pretty nice and I don’t think I’ve ever seen any bots. If someone’s fishing or gathering it’s actually real people. Was thinking of transferring to an English speaking server but after seeing posts like these I might actually hold off.

I think because gold has real value in this game, as its hard to get unless you figure out a way to do it. But if you just like questing and killing stuff, the ability to make gold goes down. So farming it has real value that will generate money so thats why there are a lot of bots.

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