Is it possible the house taxes are bugged?

I have a 20k house and I was asked to pay 1500 for tax. But I have 30% off taxes and the tax for the region is 7.5%
Where is the discount?

Are you actually a part of the company that controls the territory or just the faction?

Not even that :slight_smile: the town is not controlled by my faction.

None of this stuff is verified by amazon, noone knows how the tax system works wether you have to be in the faction, company or anything… there is no info… anywhere how it actually works… and there’s no way of knowing when it is working… there’s no invoices… just demands every 5 days for a “weeks” tax… where I live… a week… is 7 days long…

Does Amazons Week just go MonTuesWedThurFriMonTues…

There are many posts regarding this same issue, search “wrong tax amount”. I was over taxed for 3 weeks and this last week, I think they were able to finally get the tax amount right, I hope I didnt jinx myself… Make sure to fill out a bug report.

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