Is it PVPers or Soloist?

I am asking this question for several reason. I am hoping it will help narrow the social gap between PVP and PVE. I will be HONEST. Generally, I like PVP because I am a Soloist. I have thought of several reasons why I gravitate towards independent play. I will list a few:
1. Most importantly is time. It takes a minute to get a group together, If we are not waiting on one guy/girl to show up, we are looking for the next guy because somebody dropped. Maybe a system could be implemented to alleviate the time it takes to organize a group. I try to get the most out of my playing time. Especially when work starts amping up. PVP, i can click in and while I wait get other things done, crafting, mining, gathering etc. War is great too because I know what time I need to be there.
2. I don’t have to worry about not having a high gear score. I understand players want the best, but it does not change the fact that every raid post says 2.5 dps/ or 3,0 DPS. I know 2.5 isn’t that much, but I don’t want to upset anyone in the raid, if I don’t perform. Which leads me into the next point.
3. I don’t want to get reprimanded if I screw up. Seriously, I got voted/Kicked for going to the bathroom. Number 1 btw, lol. I know not every group is like that, but it angers me. The anxiety if you don’t know what you are doing. I feel like I have to study before going into a raid/arena/expedition. Knowing the weakness of the mobs and potions to bring etc. The circumstances vary from raid to raid. Honestly, my friend was trying to run me through Dynasty and even he was completely annoyed by me. So, I understand I may slow things down.
4. Your kind of stuck. PVP, I Know its a half hour or so. If wait time is taking too long, I can just log off. But Pve like I said who know how long it’s going to take. If I am in a group trying to fill, it could take a minute. Its rude to split on someone and next time they might not invite you. Again, i think the process is too face to face. Let software deal with those problems.
5, In PVP, If I suck, I die. IN PVE, if I suck, everyone could die. Then all hell breaks loose.
6. Sometime I just don’t feel like dealing with people. Bad day at work, Significant other on your case because you play video games too much. Last thing I needs is for someone to tell me to hurry up or watch what I am doing, If I want that I might as go back to my real life. PVP I log in and smash some faces. Its good for my soul, lol.
There are others, but I hope PVE players can see some reasons why SOLOist or PVPers might like different content. Why excluded others. It makes no sense. I also want to say that I am not saying PVPers or soloist are like me. I am simply saying i enjoy PVP because I like the challenge and reasons stated above. I am sure others think differently. I hope the devs understand why PVP and independent play is important

  1. Any new systems right now are a no for me. They need to fix what exists, not add more stuff on top of what isn’t working.

  2. the DPS 2.5 is coin. 2.5k coin to buy your slot in the run as a DPS. Kicking people for low GS is coming next however, since the formula is very unforgiving to those who do not meet the recommended requirements for the Mutation (even being below 1-2GS will make you take a lot more damage and do much less damage)

  3. Ya people are going to get super toxic, they are going to call out mistakes because they made mutations a race and a failure check. You going to the bathroom likely means the run fails the timer check and gets a low score.

  4. PVP just has never found itself in a healthy place, ever. It was bugged/exploited early on, it’s all d-sync and CC chain now. OPR nobody cares about because the rewards for an hour of your time is some coin and gypsum that most of us stopped worrying about.

  5. This is a general true for all MMOs that have a progression gate like this. 1 mistake wipes a raid, 1 raid wipe costs you credit for your score, and time. Failure breeds toxicity since keys are limited.

  6. I’d say go gather when you just want to chill after a shit day and need to unwind but that is honestly pretty tough to do with the current bot army. Although I don’t know what they changed but it seems the Bots took a hard hit this patch.

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IDK dude your post described me to a T. I played with a serious PVP group for a while at launch and its a lot of fun, but its also a lot of responsibility. Solo PVP is very freeing, and (with OPR at least, or even just tagging along in open world) you are not held to any expectations and you are seen as being helpful just by trying. Maybe you don’t do a lot of damage but your hit helped burst an enemy down by adding just enough. Maybe you aren’t the best healer, but its better than having not a healer. You can feel impactful without feeling like someone is specifically depending on you to succeed and if you mess up, it’ll make their game experience less enjoyable.

Well written, glad I’m not alone. I suspect there are many of us!

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You capture some real valid points with this post and i apreciate your time for doing so. :smiley:

Thx, I seriously hope that PVE players see why some don’t like raids/arenas/expeditions,. Its not to bash the game or gameplay they like. I get it completely. PVE can be fun. Especially, if you have a good group of guys/girls. Friends make it an asset as well. I am all for it. However, Amazon kinda said sorry, thats the game we used to be, but we changed our minds. So the things that are important to use really don’t mean anything anymore. If you restrict the progression of ones character then its over. Thats what really matters. I play because it fun, but I want to keep up with the others or I will just get slaughter. Plus you need progression or the game goes stale. I appreciate the kind words, tho. I hope maybe next patch they send a little love our way. I think I am on the post typing so much because, I still want to play and be a part of it, but its meaningless at this point,

I suspect you are pretty good at PVP because its what you do most of the time. Even though our characters will not progress quite as quickly for a while, there is no replacement for practice at PVP.

I think of it like “Those guys need the better stats to compensate for lack of skill, so now we’re basically equal.”

Of course there will be a few people who are very skilled and also now have better gear, and you won’t likely be able to take them on 1v1, but if you know when to run and when to fight you’ll still defeat them with your team.

Keep your head up :slight_smile:

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