Is it so hard to rollback?

AGS is it really that hard to rollback ? are you so incompetent that you didn’t include the feature ? are you just not willing to roll back because you don’t want to open yourself to more critics ?

at this point I really dont know what it is, but it feels like you guys at AGS are just trolls with no intention of ever developing common sense, I really truly love the game but the poor coding of the game/lack of testing is is making the game less and less enjoyable with every patch for alot of the community, most of those that are still happy with the state of the game are people that just weren’t impacted or didn’t feel the impact of the exploits/bugs, but at this rate its not gonna be long before all of the New world population is affected.

as I said I love the game the world and sounds are just fantastic but you should’ve listened to the community and push back the release A LOT more than 1 month, it wasn’t nearly enough and weirdly almost everyone who looked at the game closely came to the same conclusion, and those people are not even working on the project, you see where I’m going ? ------------> AGS as a whole is completely incompetent.



Economy broken one more war exploit perm dead players from outpost rush its past time for a roll back

Thanks for speaking for everyone on every server.

Not everyone wants their progress rolled back. The way the economy currently is, it could use the influx of gold. Fix the exploits and move on.

How far exactly do you want them to roll back, a day… a week?

If i logged in tomorrow and my progress was rolled back a week, i’d uninstall the game… and i promise you i wouldn’t be the only one.

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When they release the complete game, I hope they open a fresh, non-transfer world set of servers.


that’s dumb af to say the game could need an extra influx of gold from duping !? stop putting your head into the sand, if there is an issue with the economy its still the devs fault for again not listening to what we’ve been saying since alpha on the economy. And to be honest I didnt even think I had to answer that because the answer is just so freaking obvious, the best possible roll back would’ve been right before the patch got release, people would’ve at most lost a few hours of gameplay, can’t believe I really had to explain that… why would they roll back any further than right before the moment they fucked up ?

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