Is it STR World? What about INT/DEX users?

Best and most popular weapon types are for STR users, they get constant buffs, other weapons get nerfs. Best jewelery and weapons from expeditions: no surprise, STR based. Grit perk. What about new content? Bis STR armor, blunderbuss is a STR weapon. Greatsword in the future, can you guess what attribute you will need to use it?


Um they released the VG for int and foc…relax

  • Bow (Dexterity only)
  • Rapier (Dexterity and Intelligence)
  • Musket (Dexterity and Intelligence)
  • Spear (Dexterity and Strength)
  • Hatchet (Strength and Dexterity)
  • Sword (Strength and Dexterity)
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Its a STR and INT weapon. What do you mean.

They hate DEX. At least INT users had VG as the strongest weapon and they still have IG and FS.
I agree that INT don’t have too many BIS named items tho.

But DEX is on a terrible state.
Bow sucks for PvP and PvE.
Rapier sucks after nerfs.
Spear is only okay (should’ve be the tier S weapon to kill other melees).

Only viable DEX build now is Musket but you have to play 200m away from combat and focus on light set players.

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Idk man, I kill things just fine with spear. Strength builds are much easier to gear for sure tho. Intelligence gear could use some love.


How do you go against a GA/WH or GA/IG melee player with 300STR/200CON and medium set?

Also, you’re using mainly STR or DEX?

Just wrapped an OPR that was almost entirely IG and Musket (not IG/musket, just people maining one or the other). My server must be different.

Time Sweep between autos and out-dodge them. I use 300 dex 100 str 50 con

Definitely is Strength World. Focus users gotta sit on the sidelines waiting until 2023 for a third weapon to scale with the attribute and probably summer before VG gets any fixes to its shoddy healing abilities.

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I’d rather get a melee blunt weapon that keep waiting for the VG to get fixed. Casting a blue circle and switching back does not make it a compelling weapon, the blade is meh damage scaling on focus, and you waste a lot of time not refreshing your LS skills while not using it.

VG was a “fine” concept, got transvestited into a rooting and debuffing madness because of the retarded game mechanics that let you cast a strong debuff without having even 5 points on the weapon scaling stats, and here we are now.

Are we just gonna forget the VG update

Derrrrr…Deerrrp…Stop crying says the axe meta noob boy, lol. Gee Geez beetle smasher.

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Spear/hatchet remains one of the best melee DPS builds out there.

Seeing as to how it is 5 months after the weapon’s release and we are seeing minimal effort to “correct” the VG scream, I do not have much hopes for what will come of another goofy focus weapon, particularly one centered around melee. We need the pistol.

If I could use any combination of orb, scream, tether, and essence rupture, I would be happy. But that realistically ain’t it since both of the projectile skills are tough to land in PvP, scream might be more of a liability post patch, and orb is simply lovely when it fades into obscurity on the return.

maybe on your pve server.

Best jewelery sure, but best weapon drops are focus/dex/int. And no one but healers are getting good armor drops in the new expedition.

No1 slot spear / bow / Hatchet in wars but it most be OP if we listen to you :clown_face:

@AmuletT5_HerihorsCartouche_MasterName - Item - New World Database (

Raider’s Hat - Item - New World Database (
Blackguard’s Warhammer - Item - New World Database (
Blackguard’s Hatchet - Item - New World Database (
Blackguard’s Longsword - Item - New World Database (

Doom’s Chance Earring - Item - New World Database (
Smooth Bone Ring - Item - New World Database (
Warden’s Guise - Item - New World Database (

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Discounting Life Staff, most common weapons in OPR are Great Axe, Rapier, Musket, Ice Gauntlet, and Bow.

3 out of the top 5 are Dex weapons.

I don’t know what world DEX is ignored, but it isn’t New World.

As an Int guy, I carry Ice Gauntlet, Fire Staff, Void Gauntlet, and Musket as options.

Focus is the attribute that needs more options, not Dex, Str, or Int.

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Those Blackguard weapons… SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH. Wasn’t enough that Fury existed… now I am going to get pounded by 5k - 6k+ heavy attacks in medium :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. Also, do not forget to include the Cut Jasper change :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: LUL