Is it time to listen to the "loud minority" yet?

Hello. Checking in again after a two month hiatus.
Peak player count has reached <50,000.
Rapidly heading toward <40,000.

Is it time to start listening to the “loud minority” yet and reintroduce stagger?
How about even acknowledging the subject?

If not, I will report back in another month or two when we start approaching 20,000 peak player count.

If it is still not time then, I will report back again in 4 months when it’s 10,000.

Alpha play tester.


Why was stagger good? Serious question.

It promoted a completely different playstyle, which was radically different to, and in my opinion better than the current playstyle.

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Could you not fight back if you were being hit, so you’d have to dodge or block?

In a black and white manner of speaking, yes. That is about the gist of it.

I think stagger works well in small scale pvp, however in large-scale pvp (10+ players) it becomes too oppressive and I think players would hate it. Just my opinion


stagger is so 2021

I think you’re a loud minority of one. That being said… see you in a month for your next post.


It actually was very good. It just st wasn’t as casual, typical MMO-player friendly. It made combat about more than just trading damage - you had to reclaim momentum and focus on responding/countering other players - not just trying to out-damage them.

Actions/choices had more consequence behind them - which also made the outcome of a fight based on skill more than gear. Superior gear still gave you a strong advantage, but right now it is often the main determining factor because most fighting is just about who can do the most damage while tanking the least damage.

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And generally, yes - you typically had to take some defensive action. It’s like right-of-way in fencing - with many weapons if your opponents attacked you first you simply could not attack yourself if you hadn’t first rebuked their attack.

No go away and come back when no players are left so you can be loud majority …till then ta ta Karen.

New world combat needs

  • heavy attack stagger
  • parry to counter heavies
  • normal light attack

heavy beats light
parry beats heavy
light beats parry

if two of the same attacks collide they cancel each other out.

tada, meaningful combat.

I never played with stagger, but I seriously doubt adding stagger back in will suddenly fix the droves of players moving away. I believe it has more to do with the added grind on an already grind heavy game or the absurd amounts of RNG on RNG that applies on the game.


Stagger won’t bring people back. Let them fix the 200+ bugs and after that we can talk about PVP balance

To me Stagger and the Parry suggestion sound very interesting.
The question I have is, wouldn’t everyone just switch to Ranged Weapons to not have to deal with that in the first place? Or how would you guys go about that?

If Stagger becomes a thing, diminishing returns is a must have.

I like outsmarting my opponent and that kind of implementation would help my Playstyle. It would propably also result in less Pitfights and more Skrimish Type Fights, I think.

This game has a lot of serious problems,

Lack of stagger in pvp isn’t on that list.

100% Agree on that, there are way more pressing matters at hand atm.

Hopefully some of the more urgent Stuff will be handeled sometime in the future and other QoL and other Concepts will gain some chance to get their place.

I think there is nothing wrong with throwing the Concept around and Discussing it, aslong as you keep that in mind.

It’s not exactly throwing the concept around. It’s more of “This was already in the game before, and it felt better, please put it back in”.

I ain’t trying to theorycraft a new system to revolutionize the game. I’m advocating for putting back what was already in it.

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I think it’s safe to say I’ve been fighting this fight as long or longer than anyone else and I can assure you, reintroducing stagger on its own won’t save the game anymore. There’s A LOT of major changes that need to be made to bring the game back to the beautiful vision it once had.

Things like:
Cutting out the bloat of gear drops and focusing on making crafting important for something other than endgame.
Making endgame crafting more accessible to drive up competition and let players actually enjoy that part of the game.
Reverting all the nonsensical “QoL” movement changes from June/July.
Territories, player impact on territories, and territory impact on the world need a MAJOR overhaul.

But yeah, this game’s combat is still as bad as it was predicted it would be after the December 2020 patch.

Seemed a pretty popular discussion for a while there.

THAT BEING SAID: Focusing on creating a high-skill ceiling, competitive PvP scene would absolutely do wonders in attracting a strong following both in-game and on Twitch.
To anyone who needs more explanation here’s my in-depth post with explanations and non-NDA Alpha examples:


Bro the game has 30k conc from 900.
We’re 3%

Loud or not, we are the minority

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