Is it time yet to listen to the 'Loud minority'?

Hello again. It’s been two months since this post;

Is it time to start listening to the “loud minority” yet and reintroduce stagger?
If not, I will report back in another month or two when we start approaching 20,000 peak player count.

And, right on schedule we’re approaching 20,000 peak players.

Are we still the ‘loud minority’ for wanting stagger back? Every time this has been brought up, someone chimes in “nobody really wants that! You’re just a loud minority!”

Well, the population has halved again. Are we still the minority?

Will an AGS member respond to this yet? Or are we going to keep ignoring it.

If still no, I will come back again in another two months when we approach 10,000 players.


Minority not because 90% of players who wanted balanced PVP simply left the game.
The big “majority” that is currently left are players who like unbalance whether in dodge, equipment or weapons level, that is, this game is in a difficult situation with fewer and fewer players with good feedaback.
As far as I’m concerned, this game had already returned to the alpha balance state and done a scaling and RNG reduction a long time ago.
I’m tired of seeing threads saying “don’t nerf the dodge, I like to outplay 10 players with my light character.” In my opinion, DEVs condemned the game when they heard this kind of people.


(8) PVP Montage - New World Preview - Tank Build (Arena and World PVP) - YouTube

This video was made before they reworked stamina and dodge. I always felt the combat system is missing something. That something is found in this video

No dodge spam, stamina did not regen unless you basically stood still. Every action was accounted for and stagger was in effect. A different, better combat system by a great margin than what we have today. Even the animations for some skills look better.

It’s a shame it all went south due to the broken hatchet. Combat was slower back then, and more rewarding. And now every light armor player wants to take advantage of ppl trying to have fun playin in heavy or medium…

You can see how multiple people gank one player in light armor and it takes time to kill him. Now a tank dies in seconds.


Everybody want ‘balance’ to kill whole server and all weapons with his favorite weapons. Ppl dont understand some weapons should counter specific weapons.

Heavy Armors will be dead after next patch. Will remain on Heavy Armors only ppl who dont afford to make a Light set or Medium set.

Why all nerfs against Heavy Armor?
-Heavy werent even tanky, any 2 decent DPS could kill a Tank/Healer on Heavy.
-Also Heavy Armors are much slower than Medium or Light, so they cant escape and Light/Medium can always catch up.
-Heavy already had less healing. Now Heavy are losing DEFENSE too, while almost all other weapons are getting DMG boost.

That has nothing to do with this topic.

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At that time you had to use the dodge to get out of the stagger and escape heavy damage. Good times! now I just keep pressing shift, shift, shift, shift it feels like I’m playing a Korean action rpg. There’s no point in a game having high APM if its tactical part is less and less present.

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I wish I actually was there to try the stagger in the old system. On the one hand, it seems nice (since currently, duels especially, combat feels a bit floaty); on the other, I fear getting into perpetual stagger-locks, especially with wars.

The playstyle was very different then. Spamming LMB was far, far, more heavily punished. Stagger locking was extremely rare, and only happened to brand new players, being hit by other brand new players.

Since both players could stagger each other, a missed attack was severely punished, so the playstyle was much slower paced and more methodical, and LMB spam didn’t really happen as much. When it did, the person doing it would typically get destroyed.

Funnily enough, they implemented the solution to the hatchet spam in the same patch they removed stagger. Light attack chains was the perfect solution to that particular problem - unfortunately nobody got to test it because it was released in the same patch it got removed.

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Hmm, don’t think this is because the idea has not been implemented and instead a ton of other issues currently in the game unrelated to this. Unless you are trying to come back each time in hopes that the those who left are not included in your minority thus converting yourself into a majority? Quite confused.

Why not keep a single thread and keep updating it and discuss why or why not this is a good idea instead of making multiple threads?

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Because the maximum number of new threads I can make at this point is 4 more.
One at 10,000
One at 5,000
one at 2,500
And one once there are not enough players to fill a single server, at which point the game will likely be shut down. If it even makes it to that point.

So why not make new threads.

I suppose your response went a completely different way than I had thought haha. Carry on my friend.


I had forgotten to consider regions. The five regions cannot interact with each other. So I can make 2 more threads max.
One at 10,000 - Where each region can fill exactly one server each
One at 5,000 - Where each region can fill one half a server each.

This brings up a fun fact;
At this point in time, as of the time of this post, the entirety of US West cannot fill a single server if every single server was merged.
SA east, similarly cannot fill a server
Nor can AP southeast.
This is at peak time.

The only two regions that can even fill a server right now are
US East: 2 servers filled
EU: 5 servers filled.

Stagger system wouldn’t matter because of 300 STR grit.

It would just be a hard nerf to anything that isn’t in a melee deathball.

OverWatch had the issue of GOATs strategy for 8 months, where you just selected melee champs and sustained through entire fights in First Person Shoter.

Killed the professional e-Sports scene in its entirety.

I don’t think NW lost all the players just because stagger was removed.


I think the vast, vast majority left because of it.

New world built it’s launch hype primarily through word of mouth. And that began after the alpha playtest. People really loved what they experienced for those two weeks. Rightfully so.
So, NW got a massive launch at over 1M peak players because of that hype. Once people found out the combat was gutted and left hollow, they left. And here we are.

No matter how AGS balances the game, no matter what they add to it, or what they do to it, if the combat is bland, hollow, and boring, the game will always be bland, boring, and hollow.


And that’s sad, because the combat system was very good in the beginning with the exception of the hatchet.


Rotfl. You think game is losing players bc there is no stagger mechanic in pvp? Dude grow up. Maybe fact there is no new interesting content? Like mutated dungeons are not new conenet. Arenas will be but it not enought. Only new provinces, with new mobs and stuff can bring back some old players.

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Absolutely. The game was designed around this system, it was intended to have it, and the entire combat system was built with it in mind. When you gut the combat like they did, it becomes boring and stale real quick. And it doesn’t matter if they add a thousand new dungeons, all thousand of them will be boring and stale.

Stagger sytem was annoying and still is when u play pve. Fluid combat we have now is much better imho. I prefer dynamic fights than being stagger/cc to death where you cant do anything. Its good if you are stanrd GA left cliker - sure. For any other builds not so much.


Stagger actively punished lmb spam. The ‘GA left cliker’ is punished much harder when stagger is in place. Especially GA. It being an extremely slow swinging weapon. A mistimed swing gets punished, and that LMB spam gets stopped in it’s tracks.