Is it time yet to listen to the 'Loud minority'?

Free grit on STR scaling weapons (300 STR milestone) would have to be removed for such a change to go through.

Ranged combat would amount to poking people before engaging in melee combat with a singular melee weapon vs two melee weapons.

Yup. Remove perma grit. And ranged weapons existed in alpha.

You know there was the window to dodge during the stagger and you had to use it at the right time?

you think people leaving just because lmb spammers cant stagger with light attacks? How delusional can you be lol.

The game is dying because people that can barely play the game and have horrible ideas are being listened to 6 months later. There is no universe where getting stagger locked is fun. You can just watch a movie instead if you don’t want to interact with the game.

I have no idea why people are still crying about GA “left clickers” when this has not been in the game for 6 months. Even grav well is almost brain dead easy to avoid when it has a long cooldown and slow windup, and you can still ice tomb, riposte, block normally, or use any skill that has a dash to get out of it. This is literally the bottom of the pvp community crying on the forums when they die to a group of str players. Waaaa, a Str player caught me and now is able to damage me/play the game. Waaa, my mindless spamming of skills and zero dodges didn’t stagger/stun lock the str player to death. Grit isn’t even active all the time when auto attacking with GA.

It is not a window. It is a threshold that activates an instant dodge, so you can still get stagger locked if spaced out properly.

Im sure a lot of people left over it. Also a lot of people left because they didn’t like the boring leveling process. A lot of people left because they saw the crafting grind/scam. A lot of people left because they saw not really much end game. A lot of people left because they saw the terrible expertise grind. A lot of people left because they didn’t like the massive cost of azoth travel to get anywhere. A lot of people left because they didn’t like running 20 minutes to the quest area to kill 5 mobs in 20 seconds, run back 20 minutes just to get a quest to goto the same place and loot 5 chests, then get a quest to kill 5 loot 5. Etc.

There were a large amount of people that all left for different reasons. There is no way that the vast majority left over just the removal of stagger. The large majority of people left by the time they hit around level 30. It wasn’t because of the stagger mechanic. Most of those people were just leveling and wouldn’t even have noticed much difference in stagger mechanic.


Light attack staggers maybe not, heavy attack staggers sure?

Not sure how this would play out against bow - if you intend bow heavy draw to stagger - would this mean I have to swing (300str grit) to “swat” the arrow and not be staggered?

This is where the problem started: the game should have a window for the player to escape the stagger with dodge/block/attack every 2-3 attacks, but this was not implemented, as the stagger was removed in the same patch.

I’ve never liked the rock paper scissors meme in MMO, everyone should be able to beat everyone.


The cutest thing about this post is that you think they listen.

I’ll pass that along to the team!

Scathing sarcasm aside I think this kind of change is far, far out, if at all on the horizon.

Player numbers decline has nothing to do with staggers or w/e. New World has no interesting end game content right now. And release of the game scared away too many people with lack on QoL and bugs.

Unless its a modern wargame and you have a nuclear missile vs knife you should not have 100:0 winratio in a rock paper scissor game. A slight edge 55-45 or 60-40 is ok IF it is clearly communicated to the players that A is supposed to beat B, B is supposed to beat C and C is supposed to beat A.

Vast majority of players didn’t even know about stagger being in game in earlier stages …

Stagger is not needed, the game is already filled with enough CC.

Everything outside of 1v1 would be a complete mess, you would be staggered to death in aoe fights.

Yea I still play this game but will avoid pvping seriously until they address this.
I’ve already made a post about it here: Save the game's pvp combat - One mechanic that will change it all


wow guys we are hitting 19k peak is it time to listen to me yet and add a toilet in t2 houses? thanks.

Honestly AGS should be reaching out through email or this forum. And try to figure what cause most of us to leave. Until AGS knows what made people leave in the first place. AGS will just be chasing the same dog’s tail around.

Knowledge is power, unless you are playing a geared dominates all game.

if the pvp system was not focused so much on equipment, but more on skills, surely many new people would come to the server, because today there is 0 chance that someone under 590 GS can defeat someone with 625 GS


I’m fully aware that they won’t change it.

Yes, adding stagger back in to the game would definitely bring back 900k+ players.