Is luck bugged/not working/broken/poorly implemented?

I’ve spent about an hour trying to get wolf loin and I’ve had none drop whatsoever. I’ve accumulated 1621 raw hide from killing wolves but no loin.
If you assume there is an average of 9 raw hide per wolf, that equals to roughly 180 wolf kills.

I’m using the luck potion for skinning (so +1700 or whatever that arbitrary number is supposed to represent) and an orichalcum skinning knife with 9.2% luck.

However, I get the impression this system is broken or the application of luck through the world hasn’t been implemented fully/correctly.

FAQ by TIgerCr4ne New World Developer - Mar 18 2022

Seperate post by Wyvernn a New World CSR From Jan 13, 2022

Seperate Luck Section in the Dev Blog from Nov 2021

Once you read all that - the very least take away you should have is LUCK doesn’t work how 99.9% of people think it works. The vast majority of what goes around is pure myth.

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Luck helps for:
Named items
Legendary mats like trophy mats
Rare recipes/mats

That’s all, it does not affect drop rate of legendaries, non-named items, etc

Most items are luck safe and not affected

Just use it to farm a named item or chest runs.

Pvp bonus give 10% global luck and 30% gathering luck

This is sorta true if you understand that @mathieuderuyck is talking about “LUCK” and the OP is talking about “Skinning Luck”.

Skinning luck does actually increase the drop rates of things you acquire through skinning. Just like mining luck increases the drop rate of cinnibar and tolveium from oricalcum. There is more at play with skinning though…

Your skinning level matters… as your level increases so does the range of items you can get… skinning luck helps you get stuff sooner but until your max skinning it wont neccessarily increase your chance.

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Not fully true, they are still affected, but by very small amount

You can check your actual luck chances at skinning here

Tender Wolf Loin (

Check the tab “Gather From” and make sure to input all your data related to skinning luck

P.S. Make sure to set Wolf level (on the left)

Tender Wolf Lion drops only from Wolfs with lvl 40 till 54

This, skinning luck is actually reliable and noticeably works. Loot luck is very different and a scam at best imo.

That doesn’t work for me.

This actually rings with what I think is an issue. My skinning is lvl 200 and paired with what I stated in the OP, I should be getting more. While farming wolves, I was also killing turkeys. I probably killed half the number of turkeys and ended up with more rare mats but all I got from wolves was the odd charm, loads of raw hide and red meat.

I understand the post about how luck is supposed to work (thanks) and while that wasn’t exactly how I suspected it to work, I had a rough idea but the balance just isn’t there. Rabbits give more than wolves, turkeys give more than wolves…I feel like something has been omitted somewhere.

FYI I don’t know if this is true but nw.db seems to imply that the blue meat only drops from 40+ wolves.

Which makes sense it being a Tier IV item.

Wolf level has to be set :wink:

Sorry that it looks a bit complicated :frowning:

All ideas how to improve it are very welcome


Tender Wolf Loin drop only from Wolfs lvl40-54

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if your a developer… maybe a banner linking to a youtube video that walks you thorugh using the tool. Its pretty novel idea just like you said a little complicated at first glance.

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It also wanst obvious to click the loot qty on the top page to get to the chance… maybe show the minimum luck and level required and the lowest percentage chance and a hover shows clicky to tweak it.

Sorry, look qty? This one isn’t required

  1. Gather From
  2. Set items related to luck
  3. Click use Tender Wolf Lion button to auto-fill search input
  4. After getting no results - adjust mob level

Step 4 as I see is most complicated one and any ideas (really, any, even if you think they may not work/may sounds stupid) - are very welcome!

Sooo, maybe wolfs you tried to farm were 55+ or below lvl 40?

It’s not obvious that you can get to a drop chance calculator from the item by clicking on the required level column. There’s nothing hinting at it and without knowing its there till you displayed the page I didn’t even think to hover over that column to look.

That’s what I was trying to convey.

Some UI indication hey click me for more info somewhere would make it more user accessible just to find it.

edit pft the whole row is clickable… yeah nothing about that says im clickable click me for more info. At the very least… make the “Timber Wolf” title a hyper link color.

But you don’t need to! Every pixel in the row is clickable

Yep - it works. It’s not obvious to users.

I develop websites for a living and it’s taken me three looks at the page to realize that the whole row is clickable to navigate to more info. It’s a slick feature and cool looking site but just over thought I think and doesn’t implement common everyday UI principles that are common on sites like this.

Btw, there is also a post on the forum with a bunch of how-to regarding different tools on the website

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