Is luck bugged/not working/broken/poorly implemented?

if your a developer… maybe a banner linking to a youtube video that walks you thorugh using the tool. Its pretty novel idea just like you said a little complicated at first glance.

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It also wanst obvious to click the loot qty on the top page to get to the chance… maybe show the minimum luck and level required and the lowest percentage chance and a hover shows clicky to tweak it.

Sorry, look qty? This one isn’t required

  1. Gather From
  2. Set items related to luck
  3. Click use Tender Wolf Lion button to auto-fill search input
  4. After getting no results - adjust mob level

Step 4 as I see is most complicated one and any ideas (really, any, even if you think they may not work/may sounds stupid) - are very welcome!

Sooo, maybe wolfs you tried to farm were 55+ or below lvl 40?

It’s not obvious that you can get to a drop chance calculator from the item by clicking on the required level column. There’s nothing hinting at it and without knowing its there till you displayed the page I didn’t even think to hover over that column to look.

That’s what I was trying to convey.

Some UI indication hey click me for more info somewhere would make it more user accessible just to find it.

edit pft the whole row is clickable… yeah nothing about that says im clickable click me for more info. At the very least… make the “Timber Wolf” title a hyper link color.

But you don’t need to! Every pixel in the row is clickable

Yep - it works. It’s not obvious to users.

I develop websites for a living and it’s taken me three looks at the page to realize that the whole row is clickable to navigate to more info. It’s a slick feature and cool looking site but just over thought I think and doesn’t implement common everyday UI principles that are common on sites like this.

Btw, there is also a post on the forum with a bunch of how-to regarding different tools on the website

Database New World: Drop Chance, Quests, Char Builder, Crafting Calculator, 3D Models, Trade Skiils Exp calculator and more for NW 1.7.2! - General Discussion / General Discussion - New World Forums

Looking again i see the theme color with the left nav. It might have to do with the icon for the wolf being the same color and the qty. Using the same color for both just generic column data and links especially when the whole row is a link might be what is throwing me off visually. Be interesting to see what other people say looking at it.

That website is great, thanks for the link!!

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maybe I’m over looking it, but where is skinning gear calculated in the page?

Same on my side, been doing it for 10y+ but community projects were in the dev process and involved very few (just 2 guys, including me, in that case) and websites made for work with a proper design team, user testing, etc is a very different thing

But hey, that’s one of the main reasons why I’m going all around and asking for feedback everywhere! After all, there’s no better solution than the feedback of people who really use the website while they play the game

got it. Maybe change that to Luck Gear settings? Seems more intuitive.

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Oh nice someone else posted about Luck.

I cant prove, nor do I know if luck is broken or working as it should

Having said that, I will give my opinion

The current luck system is as the developers say “friction” and really does need to be looked at.

An example:
5 or 6 days ago I began attempting to get the BloodSucker Great Sword from Red Claw. I estimate over 8 hours have been spent trying to get the sword. I have gotten 6 of the named jewelry, at least 5 of the rapier, 2 of the Great Axe but no sword. I have had teamed up with so many people who all after an hour or so have received the sword. My friend who came on day two got 3 swords in around 2 hours.

I feel at this point that something is broken

Sounds good, thanks!

Please, in case you will have any additional feedback or criticism - feel free to forward it to post on the forum

Database New World: Drop Chance, Quests, Char Builder, Crafting Calculator, 3D Models, Trade Skiils Exp calculator and more for NW 1.7.2! - General Discussion / General Discussion - New World Forums

To our discord

or to my DM here, as you prefer! Gear instead of items sounds more intuitive, fully agree, will include it into the next update ( in a few hours :wink: )

ive been using luck gear for weeks and never got many notable things, mostly purples and today i loot one chest right out of a dungeon with no luck and get this

luck is really dumb and shouldn’t be a thing

The problem with luck, and randomness overall - it requires thousands of attempts before we could make at least a partially fair objection regarding how bad or well it actually works in the game.

I couldn’t yet say what is an actual chance (well, I could, but it would be better to make it sooner available for general public :D) but once ready - you will see it on the page of every item droppable from mobs, eg in your case Bloodsucker’s Sword (

I think the friction comes in when you see MANY people obtaining it within 30 min to an hour over and over again and your over here with full luck gear killing bear after bear for days and not getting it.
On the flip side I saw one particular person who had the same issue as me. He had received the sword numerous times, but could not get the jewelry. He had the same issue I was having over several days.
Meanwhile everyone else has moved on and is out killing Turkeys and having fun with their sword.

To re-iterate, I am not asking for it to be easy or for it to be handed to me. I want it to be hard to get and perhaps unique. I just want to insure it is not broken and that we are all on the same level playing field and at this point I believe we are not

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