Is +luck% garbage?

tried for skinning bonuses to get tier4 meat from wolves in mourningdale

bought 26.4% total skinnin luck bonus and used 1400 skinning bonus food… filled up my bag with iron and thick hide. i got 4 tender wolf loin (tier 4 food)

in no way worth putting the gold i needed to in order to accomolish that.

am i missing something?

(i didn’t track numbers. but, 99% sure i did better without those bonuses)

PvP enabled will also have a large impact on what you get.

thx. will try that too.

You might have this but I see a lot of people forget/not be aware of. You can get near 9% from an amulet off the TP as well but flagged plus your gear and buffs should do.

Although i can without a doubt say that there has been some sneaky fuckin luck changes since 1.1 flagged gives luck patch. Especially with gear drops; I get higher quality items at what seems an incredibly higher frequency than when I have my luck set on, flagged or not.

Try the wolfs (white ones) in great cleave. Level 41 to 50 i believe. I had 32 % skinning luck with clothing , jewelry , food. Was NOT pvp flagged . I was able skin 24 tender wolf lion in 1 hour. I did get quite a few mod from the wolf like wolf blood, Reinforced skinning luck , Adored skinning luck and the one the reduces skining items for a bag.

Having Plain plus luck gems /gear only affect if mob will affect drop items like armor /weapons etc. NOt the meats you need for cooking. In my personal expierence

In the above session i had only Plus 5% plain luck from one bag. I had mabye two pieces of armor drop from the wolfs in that time.

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It should not be, but the loot tables are rather complex and the percentages do not seem to work as expected (and on top of that there were and possibly are bugs when the game forgets bonuses from the gear).

I would love to see how the loot tables are structured now and what our numbers actually are in game.

I found a relevant video today. You might be interested.

Its garbage… a month and a half into the game they said, gathering luck wasnt working all this time LOL and randomly deleted Harvesting gear by some reason!

So there is obsoletely no reason to believe that any luck gear is working.


i believe this. i ran around a long time without gear and have a number ofr tier4 meat for cooking once i was able to use it… now that i can use it, i bought the gear to help me get more of these drops but it really was not happening.

thx for that video. it really does explain a lot!

Cheers. :grin:

The amulets are bugged after the new changes.

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