Is Movement Bug addressed in 1.2.2?

Regarding [Downtime] New World Update 1.2.2. I see you fixed permanent debuff bug. Is it addresses also:

This is currently most breaking problem. Can we get confirmation it is part of this release?

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Hello @Tantael,

I understand you want to know if the movement bug is addressed with the latest patch.

You can find information on what bugs were addressed in the link below -

As per your question i have escalated it to the team once i have their response i will post here.

I hope this information helps!


Thank you @AMK for response. I read usually patchnotes very carefully, thats why i asked my question.

it isnt. im in OPR right now and still have movement bug

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@AMK as we have confiramtion from @Cruzifix that this bug is still present could you let know dev team that this is currently most critical issue for all PVP content.

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Hello, @Cruzifix ,

Thank you for confirming that the issue still persists, I have notified the same with the DEV team, I would also welcome any additional input on this from other players as well :slight_smile:

@Tantael I will and If any update will reply back on this post.

I hope this information helps!



try again in february guys! you can do it!

Given the track record though 1 fix breaks 2 more things is it really worth fixing it… /sarcasm

In reality though would be nice to get this fixed pvp sucks because of this and isnt even worth playing 50% of the game.

i’m just excited for the movement bug to be fixed in february, you can’t expect a small indie company like AGS to fix a game breaking bug in 2months.

I was hoping it would be a little better at least. No such luck. Fingers crossed for February I guess!

I’m thinking it’ll be fixed in September as an anniversary present to those still playing

There are just so many bugs right now, it is crazy, and it is not just New World. It is as if in an effort to push boundaries on content and idea’s they forget how to code the little things. Everyone wants something new to set them apart, yet they forget players want a game that just works where they can add content later. Between the bugs and unless you’re some meta meme build pvp is terrible. I don’t know what to tell them.

first war since the “tentative fixes” tonight, 10 mins in movement bug, alt f4 and restart game to get back in. Still had a bit of rubber banding and desync though granted it seemed a touch better than earlier in the week, but still nowhere near what i would class as decent playability. :confused:

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