Is music permanent

Or is it just lasting till the end of the summer event?

yess it is

If they take away music I’m going to go hide inside the ship in RS with as many instruments as I can find and lock the doors. I love it so much! They never take it away from me!!

Yeah it’s definitely here to stay! I’m almost level 100 and realizing I’m 1/10 of the way to 200. My god, but honestly I feel they need to keep things this difficult instead of making things too easy. I don’t need an “OG Fisherman” title or anything just want to make sure they don’t make the content grindable in a day either! Keep me preoccupied!

Now music buffs, they need to work on making it more worthwhile still. But that’s a whole other discussion.


I’m level 3. So thank you for your answers. I wouldn’t have levelled more if it was going away. Mr blackxp I enjoy your posts and ideas a lot. One of the few who doesn’t just complain.

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Dawww thanks, well your post is a genuine and welcome addition to these forums admist the usual chaos haha.