Is musket really the most skillful weapon? My experience:

I’ve seen some people defending the musket, saying it’s the most skillful and hardest to use weapon in the game. I have some with FPS games, so I wasn’t convinced that a hitscan rifle in a melee-centered game was as challenging as they claimed. As a result, I decided to put this claim to the test.

As I didn’t want to sink millions of gold and shards into a class I don’t play, my gear was pretty bad. I had no musket armor perks, only 1 runeglass, etc.

I was also playing on an old laptop on and laggy wifi, so I think under ideal circumstances I could’ve done much better.

This was my gear:

And my stat card:

Overall, I think this was a decent OPR for my first time playing musket in PvP. I’m planning to invest some gold into a real musket kit since it seems to be a very easy and low risk, high reward playstyle.

I also plan to make some videos demonstrating the build once I do. I think it’s the perfect class for newer players since it is a very straightforward class that only depends on gear, and skill/knowledge of game mechanics does not matter that much.


No, GS is. You have to be a mechanical god and not make a single mistake to stick on someone with a great sword. The noob flamethrower weapon is too easy to use and OP.

Lol. Troll. If you use a GS against a flame thrower and lose then you need to stop plaything the game with your face. Literally. You would have to be rolling your face across the keyboard to lose that matchup.

I appreciate the sarcasm in your post, but unless you want to sow confusion, add some kind of emoji snicker or /s, so those who can’t detect it, don’t flood your replies with reports. Or don’t and I’ll just keep enjoying my popcorn! :joy:


I will probably get a response on that comment from AGS saying, “Thanks for your feedback on Greatsword and Flamethrower! I will rush this information to the developers ASAP!”


I wouldn’t doubt it! :joy:

Everyday we see topics on GS and Musket in OPR but it’s sad no official reply other than this has been forwarded to the devs,m


Can’t trust people that genuinely think that.

You’re relatively safe most of the time while you’re using it, and even if you are one to be “closer” to the action, what this actually equates to is making sure that you’re near at least 5 other team members that you can(will) hide behind when someone touches you, or running around with a few other musket users.

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Who would have guessed? :face_with_monocle: