Is new world dead

was wondering if this game is still active or what? haven’t played it in over 6 months

It depends on the server:

You should have at least one transfer token to move to a well populated server.
Just know that everything is inflated on those servers.

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It’s got active servers and they’re roadmapping and releasing content.

Complaints I might have; dead, this game is not.

oh ok. the only thing im worried about is that it looks like they’ve kept releasing more content since i last played but the playerbase numbers continue to go down

Why are you still on Thoses forums ? Do you text your ex 6 months after break up ?

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The number drops are more probably from players who’ve played a while suffering the burnout, or people losing faith in the dev team.

If you’re curious, it’s really best to hop in and see for yourself. As long as you own the game, it’s free to try again.

But if you’re asking if you should buy it, I guess that depends how easily you can spend the money. If it’s this or another game, go with another. This cake still needs to bake.

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are u ok sir?


yea i think i will try it out, i dont see my old server on the list so will pick a new one


First : you title jebaiting , Second : you didn’t log 6 months ( this game been out 8 months) . Not sure what you doing on forums , I’m genuinely asking

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Oh ok so u have psychic superpower? i would like to learn


The game is not dead at all, quite the contrary actually. There are a lot of exciting new updates coming such as 3v3 arenas, new weapons, new expeditions and more. The player count drop has been stopped for around a month now and has leveled out. I personally believe it is only going to grow from here on out. Of course there are still some bugs and other things to hammer out. Assuming they solve the bugs over time, which I do think they will, I think we will eventually see explosive growth.


Stop acting like a dick. People like you are the reason people wouldn’t want to come back. He has obviously not logged in for 6 months and started this thread because he’s thinking of returning but don’t want to waste time on a dying game. How hard is that to understand?

OnT: no its not dead, but choose your server carefully. Because ags aren’t known for quick action with mergers. If you choose a well populated server you’ll be good to go. As someone earlier posted, you’ll most likely have a transfer token waiting for you and check the server population website to choose the server you would like to play on unless your server is doing good :+1:

No, they’re just a little slow learning. And now they are starting to admit their mistakes. It looks like it will turn into a great game in the fall. but in autumn too… They are still very slow.

People do come back to games after breaks. You are the type of poster that thinks they are doing the community a service but what you are really doing is driving people away because you are being toxic.


Hmm? I told the guy to stop being a dick towards you for no reason and that the game isn’t dying to you.

oh my mistake i didnt even look at username, only profile pic

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no problem mate. I’ve done the same thing several times on this forum lol. Figured it was something lile that.

Question is why u left in first place? Because most of the things are still not fixed.

Still lag/desync.
Still appears game breaking bugs.
Pvp is still the same. ( I mean modes and idea)

They added more end game content tho and made 1-60 easier.

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Yes super dead, we are all forum bots

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So you haven’t played since beta, and you’re coming on the forums to ask if the game is dead?

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