Is new world dead

What is dead can never die!

But, yeah if you like BOW or CRAFTING, thise 2 are dead as a door nail. But lots of people still log in to do other stuff.

I think the term “undead” would be closer to the mark.

What is dead may never die

Most servers and world sets are dead. There are active servers if you happen to have transfer tokens left. Because tiny servers and “player driven economy” a live server can collapse and die at any time if few key people decide to leave. Good luck finding one that lasts.

I have returned to this game last week, to be honest game is not dead, but imo only fans left also I can see a lot of people from mybold guild at Abaton is coming back to game and realising what Lost Ark really is xd

It’s not dead, but it should be… it’s good at nothing. Just vultures left circling the corpse.

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I understood that

unbelievable, Somebody want to come back and you get people who flame him for it. Can’t stand this anymore. You can’t even talk without some ass clown with a stick you know where, gets sour over a question he doesn’t like. His server isn’t available. He is simply asking if the decline of the game is at its end. A simple No it is fine. Yeah we lost a few players , but they are working hard to get new players and old players back.

If you look at the numbers its a perfectly reasonable question. I think the players would give the truth about the state of the game before the devs. Thats why people come to the forums to get PLAYER feedback. Honestly, it just gets old with certain players always nagging about questions that seeem obvious to them.

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Also there aren’t enough high level nodes (orichalcum, wirefiber, ironwood trees) to support much over a population of 300 or 400. So there’s that.

I’m not flaming him for it , you guyz literally gas lightening me lol , how am I the one in the wrong here ? OP didn’t log on Nw for 6 months and his first Topic is Title : Is this game dead ? . I’m just responding to him on the same tone , get a grip kids

? Come on , I would of responded differently if his title was : Is it worth playing ? Or something like that , he just want to jebait people with a poor title and it what he got

I don’t know for you, but for South America it is dead


Maybe 1,5k player tops

The game is not dead. But the main feature to replay in end game is PVP and that stands 90% unplayable. At least the log in button works well.

The true sign of a dead game would be a lack of bait posts asking if it is dead or not.

A sure sign would be if no one responded to the bait.

what is dead will never die

What is alive has never died.

Who died?

Not dead. Log on in and give it a go. Still plenty of good folks who can help out. Best way for me is to log in and try it out.

I login from time to time. To see the ghost town of a server… Well atleast i got endless ori ore

That is a plus. Wish i could say that lol