Is New World in managed decline?

Question is in the title.

It’s CRAZY that we don’t have colored healing circles and cross server OPR, but we’ve added things like music and an entire zone expansion.

Yet its the basics that are killing this game.

Why don’t we have the above mentioned features?
Why is performance for this game so much worse than others?
Why is weapon and armor balance so off base and slow?

I don’t know.

At the very least please address the performance issues. It’s been well documented since…the first month of the game.

Nobody likes being ghosted and the countless reports about performance issues have yielded only responses like “check your xyz file”.

Gonna need some honest truths from the devs about if its even possible to clean the game up enough to have good performance. Let alone the other features we want.

It’s time to start at square 1 and move forward from there.

Basic issues > anything else


Colored healing circles are coming to ptr and they are actively working on cross server?


These are things the game should have been released with, not things added 1+ years later, which is the source of player frustration.


After what? First being requested over a year ago?

Cross server OPR having the same timetable.

At this point adding belated features is wonderful!

But these are features that should have been apologized for every month for an entire year.

Now I’m happy to get them, but the bridge is burning and I’m having a hard time crossing back over to the land of believing in the devs.

All my friends quit due to the three issues identified above. The only improvements are on a PvE aspect and none of my friend group is playing this version of PvE over what other MMO games offer.

Anyways. Thats my rant.


I love the “coukd of, should of, would of” argument. It’s very profound.


Action combat vs tab target.

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This is why I have stated that the game was released too early, probably by about 2 years worth of development time. These things are standard in other MMOs and they are very valued features. The fact that the game was released and these features were NOT present, is indicative of poor judgement by leadership at AGS.

As @Figurines has stated, it is why all of their friends left the game, and I am sure many others left as well for these reasons.

I am glad you agree it is profoundly disturbing that the game was not released with these features. :upside_down_face:

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So disturbing it keeps me up at night.


Are we really going to act like breaking from tab target means we get bad performance?



If this thought is keeping you up at night, I would suggest seeking some professional therapy for this issue. Sleep problems are no joke and sleep is very important!

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Yes. Couse you have tons of server side calculation and lot of data exchange between client and server side.

Making an appointment right now.

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The real problem here is that we released an entire zone expansion. Fresh start servers. Leveling revamp. Etc etc etc

For an incomplete game. With BASIC features that we knew needed adding.

RiP my friends. I still show them my new world gameplay and try to bring in new or returning friends. BUT THE SAME ISSUES STILL EXIST.

How can I bring my friends back with this ridiculous priorities of the devs?

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I remember community asked for colored healing circles about 9 months ago and its something very very usefull and can be added with a small patch.
I also remember devs promissing us cross server OPR/Arena last year.


The recent Forged in Aeternum video explains in better detail why there are more performance issues with New World versus other games. Basically it has to do with the “picture perfect swings and misses”, the amount of data being sent down to the clients etc., and that data gets rather large with the amount of fidelity that AGS is trying to preserve for the New World experience.

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WHY WOULD YOU RELEASE with BASIC issues like…the server/clients can’t handle the amount of information…


I’ll have to watch the most recent excuses video, but the things I mentioned are base level fixes. Like with the CORE part of the game.

Honestly though, if they released a game that can’t handle the amount of data required to…make it function, this basically means we payed for a non-functional non-finished product? And they thought it was a good idea to admit this in a video?

Not only that but the product we pay and test for over a year later is still not having these issues, issues with the core functionality of the product we purchased, STILL NOT fixed.

Refunds are in order based on the truths revealed in the most recent excuses video?

Yes after 1.5 year

I agree with you here.

Personally, I have enjoyed my time in New World, despite the many issues and lacking features and slow responses from AGS to dupes/exploits/bugs etc. I keep playing because there are things I enjoy that I have not found in other games. The artistic beauty of the game, the sound quality etc., are quite amazing, in my opinion. I would not ask for a refund, based on my enjoyment, especially after 165+ days played, most of which I have been very entertained, which is the purpose of a game, entertainment.

But I certainly do miss the many friends that I used to play with that left the game for various reasons. I remain hopeful that eventually AGS will resolve the issues mentioned in this thread, along with the other issues mentioned throughout the forums.

I hope it goes well for you and that you are able to resolve your sleep issues and get restful sleep each and every night.

I’ll keep you up to date on my progress.