Is New World in managed decline?

I look forward to your positive results!

This has become the #1 most important issue for new world.

Best of luck @ComfortablyNumb !

Indeed, best of luck @ComfortablyNumb !

I too enjoyed most of my time in New World,

But it is slightly annoying/alarming, or whatever word you wanna use, that they released a game that simply can’t handle the amount of data generated.

Like isn’t that basic gaming 101 to make sure what you release can handle the data flow?

To hear it admitted by the devs 1.5 years later does leave a sour taste even if it’s not unexpected. Even if i did make the most of my time in new world and managed to have periods of fun. As a consumer it still is irritating to hear at what state it was released…and then to still find it in basically the exact same broken state 1.5 years later.


oh and dont forget more then 2500 players > no ressource to gather at all anymore. since everything is permanently overfarmed.

Exactly. It’s not like the issues I’m highlighting are REMOTELY the end of it. There are so so so many other issues. Bots, resources, exploits on and on and on.

I just thought it would be easier to focus on the base level of the game. Since the amount of problems all spiral outward from that.

No one thinks this is profoundly disturbing. Not even you.

I would not say unacceptable, but as evidenced by the below chart, many people have left because of these fundamental problems and the many others that have existed since the game was released. It is especially telling that for each month that the chart shows twice, the more recent month has lower numbers of players, despite all that AGS has done in the past 1.5 years since the game was released.

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Because this game wasn’t designed from the ground up for what the launch version became.

They decided to change and had 3 or 4 full delays including 2 years past the original launch target.

The public pressure to release the game because MMOs are always a WIP so it’s fine on top of an inexperienced president of studio (came from Amazon game store page) that just pushed out a product to meet target dates.

They gutted 2 core combat mechanics and tried to turn around a pvp sandbox w a sprinkle of PvX inside of a year before it’s official launch.

They are still playing catch up, it’s just a question of is there enough of a core playerbase to justify keeping the game going from AGS pov, who knows.

either way everyone playing the game should not consider this a launch product but a $40 early access game, under that view games not too bad, def bad but EA game usually are.

Ark is an example of an EA game that eventually got it right, seems a few of those players play nw


I 100% agree, I still consider this a paid early access game, since there are so many systemic problems that should have been resolved before it was released.

Actually there’s really no proof as to why the players in that chart actually left the game.

You have your own opinions, thoughts about what drove them away.

I agree with your post, and this right here is the answer.

In my opinion, they ARE trying to make this game work. People can doom and gloom all they want, but the fact theyre making these videos indicates to me they are not abandoning the game.


Yes but trying to fix the past issues or pushing the game forward? Are they trying in good faith? Are they actually putting the issues that need fixed front a center?

Because it doesn’t seem like it cough musical instruments cough

You misunderstood my statement.

Notice the “and the many others” portion of my quoted text above. Since I do not define what “the many others” are, it encompasses all other reasons. Therefore, your statements are incorrect. :upside_down_face:


that’s debatable. there is a difference between delivering a feature rich product and delivering minimum viable product and specific milestones to keep the lights on.

The priorities placed and objectives on the roadmap for most appear to be ship minimal viable product.

Moreover, the frustrations w what doesn’t work begins to take over the joys of what does creates cause for players to look for alternatives.

More alternatives are coming and their is a window to build attachment rate. Few games get a 2nd let alone 3rd or 4th chance.

If you count preview build NW is technically on it’s 3rd chance already.

People are just tired of it now.

I get it, and i believe we had a siimilar discussion before…imo if they continue to improve people will give the game a chance.

Some of the games coming out such as ToL or AoC are mmo games i would not play as they dont tick the right boxes for me.

I think theyre trying to make it work.


It’s about time for the

“Hey we know we F’ed up. Thanks to the players who stuck with us. We will finally address the base issues that have existed since launch”

Content for the players that stuck with the game. Not just content that they think will temporarily bring some bodies to the game.

They were forced to make the game in a different genre with a garbage engine. Then they were prompted to launch too early. They’ve had team members come and go (Liberto, for example), which doesn’t make things easier. All they’ve done so far is trying to play catch up. It’s all uphill from here.

It leaves one, like me, to wonder what the project is really testing and developing. It doesn’t seem to be a happy player gaming place. We don’t pay.

50% sale and Free Weekend didnt help the player count. Players are simply not staying.

Aftermath shows that the game should have stayed open world PvP with your own camp building that was in the Alpha and advertised.

This Quest PvE thing making this a single player mmo is simply not a good game design, or rather lack of Quality of Life mechanics and no PvP content.