Is New World killing our GPU/PSU? (Weapon swapping causes GPU power fluctuations)

I’m sure some of you are aware of the (for lack of a better term, I will call memory leak), where after playing an Outpost Rush or two, the game starts stuttering and when you weapon swap quickly, it causes the game’s FPS to tank.

So I opened GPU-Z and monitored weapon swap. When weapon swapping, GPU load and “Power consumption” both decrease drastically. GPU load goes from around 60% down to 20% immediately, and that’s accompanied by an immediate fluctuation of power consumption as well. When this occurs, your in game FPS will drop as well, and it’s tied directly to the amount that GPU load gets decreased by. So if you just loaded into the game and you’re getting 5% GPU load decrease when weapon swapping, you may only lose a couple FPS, but after a few OPR’s when you test again and you get 40% GPU load drops, the FPS drops are a lot bigger, somewhere in the 15-20 FPS range. I’ve confirmed with others that they are affected by this bug as well, so it’s not an issue with my system. This issue gets progressively worse the longer you play. If you play a few Outpost Rush’s, and then monitor GPU-Z while weapon swapping, GPU load drops around 30-40% when weapon swapping, whereas if you alt-f4 and reload the game and test it, you’ll only see around a 5% GPU load drop when weapon swapping. So when you first launch the game, weapon swap only affects GPU load a little bit, and gets progressively worse as you play the game.

Can I get a community moderator response that you saw this and passed it onto the developers? I’m more than happy to submit videos or anything if it would assist you in fixing this. Thank you!


Wouldn’t this occurring frequently harm the GPU? If so we need an urgent comment from a dev that this is being looked into. New world bricking GPUs or PSUs is not something you want dominating the news cycle (again).


Didn’t benchmarked anything but just yesterday I was testing the FPS drops with weapon swapping. I couldn’t figure out why. In a dungeon (Black Powder, just at the beginning where you spawn) I could go from 60-70 FPS to 7 by swapping weapon indefinetely.
In 3v3 Arenas it causes mini freezes at the moment i swap weapons (VERY annoying) or the moment I receive the hit that kills me (less annoying, i’m dead anyway lol).

If I restart the game, the problem goes away until it comes back.

TL;DR : same problem


It happens to all of my friends… and most of the people i asked.

Never happened to me before arenas update. I made posts about it but no one answer…

When you relog the problem goes away until it comes back if you do a few OPR Arenas or dungeons…


I’m not a hardware expert, but I would imagine this has to be detrimental to the life of the video card and/or PSU in a system. Such extreme fluctuations don’t seem to occur on a regular basis while gaming, so this looks to be out of the ordinary.

Thanks for lending your experience. Every person I’ve reached out to has been able to replicate this issue, so there’s definitely something in the game code that’s doing this to our GPU’s. Since this is having a direct affect on hardware, I would certainly hope we can get an official dev acknowledgement, as it’s not often that people find bugs that actually affect the longevity of the PC’s hardware…

I’ve identified that the issue doesn’t actually completely go away when restarting the game. It seems like it went away because you can’t notice the FPS drop, but the issue is still there. If you open up GPU-Z and watch GPU load, you’ll notice that you still get around a 5% decrease when weapon swapping instead of a 30-40% decrease you would get after using the game for a period of time.

@Aenwyn @Luxendra
This is a huge issue



Hope AGS takes action on this



Not only weapon swapping . GPU usage is 40-50 here resulting in fps drops cause the game is running on DX11 and totally NOT optimized for high end graphic cards and cpu



Continuing to write this helps no one.

Now this is entirely unrelated to DX12 and I would agree that the game could use additional optimizations.


How bad must it have been if there is already been done so called optimizations? Cause its still bad and unplayable in pvp and crowded areas/runs. DX11 makes RTX cards stutter and waste GPU, so the stutters are related at least. Unless you use a patoto GPU from 5-10 years old there is no reason to stay on DX11… in fact DX12 will make the game much healthier

This topic is just one of the many issues this game still have not been fixed … but this one from the OP shouldnt be on the priority list if you ask me. There is way more common and important work to be done for optimizations and performance.

I am not surprised this issue exist because the game still run in DX11… while DX12 have been out for so many years and can only help to address issues we all been suffering from.

PS - i am not having this GPU/PSU when weapon swapping at all and i play 12+ hours / day. The game seems to run fine for me and friends when weapon swapping all the time. But yeah fine compared to the wack general performance from this game

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I recommend you speak with an electrician as you might have a faulty breaker that isn’t tripping for being over capacity.

This is normal for Video Cards to rapidly change power load and your PCU is also built to handle rapidly changing power requirements. This is functionally normal behavior and not dangerous to the hardware at all.

The Drop in load is due to assets being readily available as more and more are already loaded into memory (which is why over time it gets bigger as more assets are readily available taking less power to produce the same results)

Again this isn’t actually a problem for the PC itself.

That Said you have another issue.

If this is causing lights to flicker on the same circuit you are likely at the line of maximum power draw from the circuit breaker and need to either change the breaker or consider moving power draw to other circuits. Want a second opinion Call a Electrician but it is not a healthy sign that your breaker isnt sending enough power to keep everything on the circuit fed without tripping the breaker for being over capacity. (I cant understate that this is actually a serious thing that should be looked at.)

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In software development there’s literally always room for improvement and my FPS personally greatly improved in a lot of situations after Brimstone.

I’m sorry, this is simply untrue. You’ll need to provide a source before saying this again.

Other than it requires a lot of additional work that could be allocated better in other places.

Again, that’s simply not how it works. I’m genuinely unsure what you think it would change.

Why would this bug be any less important than other issues? This is affecting a large number of players.

Do you actually think adding DX12 would fix this? That’s one of the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

I should have just left out the flickering light part, because it’s distracting from what the actual issue is here. The game has a problem that needs fixing, and I also apparently need an electrician. But let’s not get distracted about what this post is really about. Thank you.

p.s. I edited my post to remove the flickering light reference, as it’s not pertinent to the issue at hand.

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U misunderstood me.
I am not thinking DX12 would fix this “bug” but i said that the game is still running on Dx11 in stead of the DX12 so i am not surprised it has a lot of bugs and performance issues, even after 1 year its in the same bad state. Beta was better for me, at least it had DX12 running but ofc they had to remove it cause they are not capable to deal with it.
Dx12 is mentioned as minimum requirement and when selling their product, so i assumed it was in the game but hell no they are lying about that.
One year ago they said dx12 would come back fairly quick after release and its one year further already…
And yes dx12 improves performance and will boost fps nowadays… logically
Dx11 isnt as efficient as dx12 (your cpu wont even load more than half cause its bottlenecking on singie core,…) and nvidia released a lot of tech that improves fps in dx12 games.
And txaa (anti aliasing on rendering) is a thing in dx12 btw. The game has no temporal anti aliasing even, i am wondering how many fps it will cost even more to get that in the game .
U know Elder scrolls online, a very old game, has TAA and DX12 today?
For a “new” world this game seems to be a game that came straight out of 2010….

Wow… at least now i know why its happening thank you so much i thought that it was a problem with my pc… ill post this topic link in every bug thread i can :v:

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I always felt the need of restarting the game, after approx 1 hour of playtime. I didn’t know the issue, but I always thought my Windows installation is kinda old and probably that’s the main fault. After reading this, I made some tests and in 15-20 min of constant running and weapon swapping, the game is sluggish and I lost around around 10-15 fps on average. I have a 3080 TI card and 1440p monitor (32gb RAM as well).

I can confirm this is an issue and I hope AGS sees this and fixes it.