Is New World killing our GPU/PSU? (Weapon swapping causes GPU power fluctuations)

Having same problems i think i wont play until they fix It… Probrably is hurting my hardware…



I don’t say it is killing GPU, but making my gameplay stressfull.
At least, I need restart the game to stop the FPS drops and high ping.
I only sense this when I use a shield.
I realize more often when i’m in dungeon.

About hardware, I don’t think that this is the issue. I play other games (Dota2, Farthest Frontier, R6) and i don’t sense any FPS drops and high ping.
I have the common sense that I need to protect my machines from high voltages that can be send to my home, but we are talking about something that happen only in New World.

This really looks something about programing. I never saw something like that. And we already have this in the past with 3080 nvidia board videos. If New World is breaking my PC i guess all I can do is complain to resolve this or stop to play it.

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It happens in Elder scrolls online too Pc-Ps4-ps5 thats the main reason why i stopped playing it… i remember getting like 2 sec freeze every weapon swap it doesnt matter if it was in pc or console. the same problem here now so i think im going to wait until throne and liberty…

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After a few hours I need a good 10 minute restart break, game will start to gitter and chat will not update unless I click off and on and game pretty much drops frames/lags. A restart of the game where my character fully loads out fixes the issue for some time

Boost. These issues have to be addressed.

Now I am even more affraid of playing New World

Have someone experienced this before Brimstone update?
It might be completely not related to post, but before the update, I was used to run New World and tab in Chrome, it was running smooth. After BS update, I can’t run Chrome, as it’s messing up with New World, resulting in textures bug, or crashing. That really surprised me, as it was not a case before (some photos of how it looked)

Back to the original topic, I really hope this issue get’s fixed asap

Can confirm. AGS please fix this.


Can confirm this bug occurs sometime during longer play sessions and is only fixed by full restarting the game. @Aenwyn could you please have the team look at this?


BUMP! This need to get fixed!


Bump again! 2 Hours into the game and after swapping weapons CPU powerconsumption drops from 216Watt to 156Watt with a RTX 2070 Super.
There is also an insane Frame frezze/drop while doing it.

After restarting the game the GPU only drops from 216Watt to 200Watt and FPS stay almost the same. (restarting 4-5 times a day)

What ever it is, when you want to do PvP on an overcrowded Server with que you can’t play it without having an disadvantage.

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I also get this exact same issue, I figured it was hardware related on my end and resigned myself to simply restarting the game every 30-60 mins.

Not sure if this helps, but it seems to occur WAY faster when doing 3v3’s back to back for a period of time, so my theory is it’s something to do with phasing in and out of an instance.

I cap my game at 60 FPS and it stays there comfortably, no jitters or lag when swapping, however after 30-60 mins of arenas my game will literally stutter and go down to 5-10 FPS when weapon swapping quickly.

Thank you @Kurt for bringing this to light. Ags please investigate!


You’re very welcome! Bugs that affect hardware seem to be rare and I’m hoping we can get a response soon that they are at least aware of it.

Hi all! Just wanted to let you know we are aware of these reports and are actively looking into it.


Yay! I’m so glad we got an official response on this. Feel free to reach out to me if you need additional information, logs, or anything that might help the developers track this issue down.


Hey @Aenwyn , I just did the weapon swap thing in Arenas today, oh yeah, it’s for real, even worse in Arenas. I went from 60 FPS to 51 or 52, my frame times also spiked. I would suggest starting in Arenas, then OPR, then dungeons. Dungeons don’t seem to impact FPS or Frame Times as much as Arenas. But right now, Arenas have the biggest impact to FPS and Frame Time.

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They seem to have a memory leak issue still, so I would restart new world every hour

Thanks for letting us know <3.

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Same thing here with my RTX 2080 Super & R9 3900X.
Frametime-spikes appear after around 2-3 arena matches and the game is running super bad (stuttering by Weapon-Swap & constant FPS drops) after that.
Only restarting the Game is actually working.

Tbh - Playing experience with this is absolute horrible so i hope there will be a fix soon…

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Everything was perfect last week, yesterday I noticed that the frames/video flow was different, but the fps showed remains above 100. Its kind a lag, video freezes for mileseconds.