Is New World killing our GPU/PSU? (Weapon swapping causes GPU power fluctuations)

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I don’t want to directly blame New World, but yesterday when I played Lazarus I first had a couple of freezes and then after restart, I had a freeze to colorful artifacts and now my 1080Ti is dead…I mean the card is around 2 years old…that shouldn’t have happened.

I have found out that some of those issues is exclusively related to:

And the in-game resolution in which is not fullscreen
but some horrible code of a borderless window.

Whatever you change the resolution the Wattage increase
in HUGE numbers, may not be related to the swap of weapons and such
but if you are using VSR nor DLSS do not increase the resolution
past you monitor cuz it may brick your video card due to the huge wattage usage.

The window mode of this game is a horrible version of
a borderless window that i have ever seen such a horrible window mode
like this one, and I can only assume that passed 1080p the wattage must be increasing like hell…

So for all means, do not enable DLSS nor VSR.

Until they actually add a better code for window modes,
this horrible version we have here will be bricking many video cards.

if you can, undervolt your video card to be safe cuz whoever
code that windows mode, should not be coding AT ALL.

Whoever code that particularly ‘window mode’ should not be working
for the industry at all.

Note: The ‘Main Menu’ is a video card / PSU killing machine!

How do you enable DLSS in New World?

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for AMD, VSR translates into Virtual Super Resolution. (AMD control panel)
I don’t have a Nvidia card but i know that they use DLSS aka super sampling. (NV control panel I think)

I don’t think that’s possible. I’m pretty sure the game has to support DLSS in order to turn it on for that title.

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bump, wow today. no weapon swap will kill your computer.

just test it out yourself.
hang out in the main menu and change ‘resolution’
and see for yourself the huge difference in wattage usage.