Is non-cooperation an intended design element?

As far as I can see, I have little/no benefit to cooperation, outside a small group of friends or when it benefits me immediately, in the game.

1, The economy is so deflated that I would rather destroy gathered items than use my precious gold to list something on the trade board that will cost me my precious gold even before I sell it. I used to think that players were being insulting listing such low prices for goods that I was offended. Now, I understand that it is a lack of gold on their part. In many cases, they are listing it for what they can offer.

  1. Nothing UNCOMMON (green) or higher can be traded. Which is ironic, because I would have to trade it to another person. There is no server-to-server item transfer. Heck, character transfer is still broken. Even when it is fixed, it will have a $$$ cost (above 1 freebie). Also, I cannot have an ALT on same server; so, I wouldn’t be helping myself. I can understanding this with QUEST ITEMS or LEGENDARY (perhaps). But come on, I have no reason to even help newbies.

  2. The amount of storage is insanely small. As-is, with a character with decent satchels and level, they can carry more than they can put in storage sheds. How crazy is that to even write? But then, I have a limit to how much I can sell (100 sells), and the selling mechanism is only to that territory. Again, just the hassle of all of this means that I have little or no incentive to cooperate with others.

I hope these get addressed.

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