Is Resilient too strong, or are crits too weak?

A full set (5x) of Resilient gives -34% crit damage. That is an additive modifier. This means that when a weapon with 1.3 or less crit modifier (which is by the way all weapons except for the rapier or hatchet) makes a crit, it is equal to a normal attack, because 1.3-0.3 = 1

This means that 5x Resilient (which most people are aiming for anyways) completely nulls the value of Keen, of Headshots and of Backstabs, unless something like Vicious/Vorpal is being run. Even the +10% crit damage on Intelligence only works on the VG and IG, since the FS has a 1.2 crit modifier.

I feel that people should still feel an incentive to try to crit, in a world where people are running 5x resilient… But I also feel that people with 5x resilient should still notice some reduction (just not to the degree it is now).

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It’s good, but balance wise it’s necessary. As a tank I have 300 con, 200 str, 5 resilient and 3 physical aversion with 2.5k armor. I die constantly to bb. If anyone gw me or uses ice shower I die before my defiant stance can finish the animation. Imagine if I didn’t have resilient…

There is so much dmg in the game right now that resilient is a must for PVP. Sure, if they reduce the overall dmg of weapons by 30% then I see a need to nerf resilient. Otherwise, it’s average

I would dare say dodge is way stronger than resilient as a defensive mechanic. But you know, ppl tend to enjoy abusing broken mechanics so…

Fs has 1.2 ye
With vicious 1.32 and with the skill 1.42

While resilient reduces crit damage, crit can still be valuable for proccs.
Think of Keenly perks, or Plagued, some weapons trees can utilize crits for CD reduction, stamina recovery or extending debuffs.

On one hand I feel resilient is too powerful and it shouldn’t stack. However, in the current balance there are some weapons out there that would crit for a ton without resilient in its current form.

The procs from crits have a 10 second cooldown, and in 10 seconds you’re USUALLY already getting a crit even when not running keen.

I just feel like Resilient completely ruins Keen, and I don’t think I agree with it.

Sure weapons currently already do a lot of damage to not necessarily need to crit, but I would want to feel my crits if I built for them (by going keen) and not have them refuted entirely by resilient.

5 the cooldown starts, with beginning of the buff

resilient is fine, people are also going to melt faster next patch because of the 200 con nerf which I’m not a fan of.

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resil is fine.

Again, that nerf doesn’t affect crits and I would therefore say it’s not relevant.

The core of my issue is I want crits to feel like they actually have an impact. They currently don’t, because most (competitive) PvPers run around with 5x resil

Most games crits are the difference between DPS like assassins/ranged and bruisers.

I agree with OP.

The crit multiplier should be 1.5 as a baseline and things like bow should be a 1.6 or 1.65 modifier.

An increase in damage would destroy the meta, but that’s exactly what I think should happen.

Add in bigger health pools across the board and up crit damage so that crit builds can shine. Abilities do not crit unless it’s something like Mighty Gavel where it’s technically an auto attack. This is where actual DPS can shine. Healers heal too much? Make a real DPS class with crit modifiers and increase HP per con to avoid being dragged into another cheese meta… :grin:

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of course you would agree because you’re a clown, the game is fine as it is.

Well run full vicious gear, skill every crit dmg increase, to just slightly outdamage ( 10% more dmg with a crit ) 145% max crit dmg with Firestaff
5x 5% resilient plus 10% from 150con on top there is no armor penetration for any magic weappn.

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950k people disagree with you.

I think 300 Intel should be bonus damage based on physical resists. That or give Dex users more armor pen. It’s part of the reason why bruisers are so strong and heavy seems OP.

Oh like every hype train dies, you liar. You expect peak numbers to continue indefinitely and that will never happen. It’s new and people are wowed something fresh then it dies off, that’s how it is.

I agree, Resi needs a nerf or Crits should be buffed in multiplier.

BUT when you do this, you also need to downgrade overall weapon damage of everything or we will have an insane burst meta.
The aim of this change should be to reward more Backstabs/Headshots, not increase overall gameplay damage.

so nothing needs changed then, good to know

Lost Ark only lost 450k people and it took longer than New World took to lose 900k.

So people stopped playing after peak? That’s my damn point. Hype trains don’t last, it’s fresh and peaks then levels off.