Is selling towns ok?

I am playing at Bifrost and companies started selling towns and throwing wars. Is this allowed? People spent time in order to get the town, contribute to pvp quests and bought home (me for example). I took screenshots of army before the war (there are ppl waiting at standby and 2 ppl on army) and the army leader saying “yes, CK is sold” ? Will reporting them be any help?

That should be considered close to rmt in my opinion.

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A company that was looking to sell a territiry got formal AGS approval.

Probably ok. I mean they could make it less obvious. It’s just what happens when you give players that much power where they can take 150k or w/e and lose a territory and then move all that gold to their characters inventory. Like what would you think would happen with no limitations

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Diplomacy is fine. It just needs counterbalance, IE a civil war or mercenary system, thus allowing people to influence corrupt company control of their own faction without invoking a four month cooldown.

It’s that there’s basically no way to deal with conglomerates, which would be less problematic if people could form a coalition against companies they were allied to by faction.


We’re on our own here mate, AGS is too busy figuring out how to break things rather than enforce a ruleset.

Therefore, every server has their own house rules. On bifrost it appears town selling is legal


So, prostitution is legal in New World? nice.

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On my server, house rules are: No items. Fox only. Final Destination.

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This is a very good idea. Many people are caught under a bad company that abuse taxes or other things and there is literally nothing you can do about it. Having the possibility to “rebel” or something seems pretty cool.

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Like in the real world, only if you film/stream it. lol

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Selling Towns for ingame gold would be called diplomacy.

Selling Towns for Real Money should be reportet.

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With rebellion/coalition the leader could decide what cut of rewards those ones get. Might be able to allot town benefits to mercenaries for a temporary basis. Things like that.

In player-driven infrastructure, it’s most important to have ways in-game for players to involve themselves. Civil unrest seems like a very easy route to go.

I’m sure it could be politicized too but we won’t prevent that.

Player-driven open economy. Pretty sure it’s allowed.


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