Is spying a bannable offense?

Me and my friends were talking about whether or not spying would be bannable?

If you mean spying on other company in order to get some info about area or so… I would not say is bannable.

But spying on real human being would definitely be the reason to get you out of the game.


I was meaning like a syndicate getting paid in game money to give info on syndicates.

What sort of advantage would this give you?

Why would you need this? Any player with PVP off is a free scout anyways

Anyone can do it, if they in your clan/discord just ban them?

for the other issue, if you don’t have pvp turned on, you shouldn’t be able to see if others have it turned on

You gonna have to define this more.

E.g., Join a Company but relay information to players in the opposing Faction?
Or just hanging around in unflagged mode looking for who’s PvP flagged and where, so you can tell PvP mission players what the opposition is like and where their blind spots are?
Or something else?

No, but it’ll make you persona non grata real quick.

I have seen discords and other stuff for planning and strategizes war. Thought came into my head that someone could sell this information for in game gold. I guess the intel someone can get won’t give that much of an advantage.

Coming from Eve Online, where spying and betraying is seen as integral part of the game, I would say no. It’s all part of the fun in a PvP Heavy game that offers faction vs faction and Guild vs Guild :slight_smile:

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