Is the Easter event proof that luck doesn’t work?

Luck is extremely weird, on my alt I got the corrupted totem the second time I killed him and I only had 1 minor loot and wearing flawed pearls at the time LOL

I think you dont respect your own time. AGS isnt forcing you to do anything, its basically a skin, you can get the same storage chest from trade shop for like 1k gold

If you dont enjoy the event, dont participate

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No luck just doesn’t work like that, at all, people got it wrong. Luck ONLY improves the QUALITY of what you drop, it doesn’t improve you actual luck at droping this or that, i understand people wana believe otherwise but it’s exactly the way it works in this game.

They should remove luck altogether. It has never worked before, and will never work.

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Well this is taken from one of there official responses on this.

“Luck doesn’t increase your chance to get higher gear score rolls or roll more perks, but it does increase your chances of seeing item drops that have higher chances of rolling bonuses.”


This is what you should read, and read carrefully

“Increasing your Luck will definitely make this more likely to occur, but each chance to earn something is independent of all others and there is statistically no guarantee a specific item will drop based on number of attempts.”

Again, understanding luck is not easy what they have made is what i said, you improve your chances at dropping better quality loot, not up your chances at dropping one specific item you would want.

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If you read it, it contradicts itself.

“Global Luck = When the player finds something in a chest, or gets a drop from a monster, this improves the player’s chance that the item(s) received will be Named (in the case of weapons and armor) or Rare (in the case of items like schematics or storage chests).”

“Luck doesn’t affect the rate at which items are dropped but rather the quality of the item when a drop is triggered.”

Its a badly written article, open to interpreation, I suspect they didn’t really fully understand the concept themselves or its two different peoples take of how luck works rammed together.

I suspect they mean a sword may drop, having more luck means there is a bigger chance the sword will be named, but there is not an increased chance of a sword dropping.

Also then should define what the mean by an items “quality”.

full luck equip/weapon 1 major 2 basic trophies took me 122 rabbits.

I respect my own time. That’s the reason I unintalled the game. =))

I think this “respect your own time” is such a dumb way of looking at it. It’s an limited time event in a game. The devs give a free and very useful item as a reward for it. Of course people will want it. I also respect that in games like this it is completely normal to have to grind for an item, but I have now killed over 1200 rabbits, which is boring beyond believe and I have got rewarded in no way whatsoever. Events should be fun in a game (which is why we all play it). At least have a fix limit, so that it definitely drops after killing like 800 or 1000 rabbits. That’s more than enough of a boring grind. The difference between some people getting it after killing 20 rabbits and others still not having it after 1200 is ridiculous. This event is not what a game at the brink of death needs.

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So dramatic lol

Posting in a forum of a game youre not playing is not respecting your time :slight_smile:

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I think luck is still just luck. You could buy 1 million lotto tickets and not make a dollar back, but someone somehwere jsut bought 1 and hit jackpot.

They actually specifically said it doesn;t increase the % of a drop happening. So it isn’t a stretch at all, it is quoted from the devs

If that’s the case, then why doesn’t anyone care about luck? What do you get from having it?

I must admit I don’t really care about any of this.

I have no luck gear and killed about 20 bunnies for the chest.

I don’t know how the luck system works; I just know that I don’t want to play it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The chest was a white item. Its quality couldn’t be improved so from my understanding of luck it wouldn’t effect the drop rate of the chest so it was 100% RNG. Yes killing rabbits is boring but very profitable at least and the chest was an event item if they intended for everyone to get it in a fixed amount of time it would have been tied to a quest. I personally like rare event items it gives a chance to get something others dont have and as a collector thats what drew me into farming this item. Expecting the item to be a guarantee at some point is just a privileged way of viewing things in my opinion. That being said maybe bump the likelihood of it dropping in the future 1000 rabbits is a bit much for the average drop rate since killing rabbit’s is as boring as it is

Since the devs confirmed that the chest was not affected by any luck that would be a must in the future for similar things.

But much better would be quest based rewards or at least event shops like at the winter event.