Is the market really fixed?

I’ve been looking forward for the market to comeback as well as everyone in the EU community to my surprise the items I’ve listed before the crash are still sold and i didn’t receive gold for them or got my stuff back .
Please help me understand what was fixed exactly ? that’s more like ruining than fixing !!
Will we have the stuff or gold we lost back ?
Also i’d like to point to the furnishing blockade that has been going for 2weeks now is (###) ?? the dev team didn’t share anything on this issue or plan to fix it ?
The EU community is already down by 90% player base ,i see more and more friends quitting everyday thanks to all your so called “fixes” (or should i say the real game crashing exploits) seems like the dev team intend to ruin and destroy the game instead of fixing it … by resolving one issue they create several others .

Dear Dev team can we get an honest answer for once regarding these issues ? will they ever be fixed ? will you investigate this market fix (or should i say sabotage) that you did today and give us back the stuff we invested in lots and lots of our time in ? will we have trophies trade back ? or are you telling us that every player must sacrifice more of his time to get furnishing to 200 ?

I personally was using the Market as a secondary bank as well as 99% of the community today I’ve lost thousands of mats along with other stuff thanks to your so called “FIX” ,it’s only a matter of time before the rest realize this and start quitting the game as well .And don’t get me started about the harvesting gear …

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I have not checked this morning but last last night when people where saying it was working it was still not working.

This dont help you much

i had over 50 orders some of them where put at a high price intentionally so they’ll not be sold ,when i check these items from the market it says that i OWN them but i have nothing neither on me or in my storage .I’ve restarted the game several times already hoping that some miracle might happen sadly all i see is my empty inventory and wonder how should i work with this .tbh i’m fed up had mass steel ing /star ore /attribute food /etc etc stored safely in the market ,now it seems like they’re asking me to gather everything again from scratch ?? is this some kind of joke ?

nothing is “fixed”.
For my issue before the Rollback i bought my fisrt house in Everfall. but after, i saw that my house was empty of all the items, and i can’t place nothing in it …

Did you really expect their fix to work flawlessly?

It was clear that it will be messy and stuff will be lost. Does it suck? Yeah. Can we do much about it? No.

Can’t argue with that ,but couldn’t they just Rollback hard roll back everything before the compensations ? why rollback characters and the Market separately ? that doesn’t make any sense .only shows that this game is still not ready for a full release they should’ve stayed in beta for another 6 months or a year since clearly the team behind NW have proven repeatably that they’re not ready to handle their own product

Had one single auction up before they took down the TP, a rare piece I was selling for 4250 gold. Now it says the auction has been sold but I never received payment, nor did I get the item back. AGS is wreaking this game, one patch at the time.

because trading post and inventories or storages are seperate modules in the game engine. If there was a fault in that, it need to be repaired seperatly. And since everyone bought the whole market empty when the gold bug happend, they needed to put that back manually through a script.

If they had restored just with a full rollback, they still would have the fault, and you run into circles.

On Hades and having problems.

  1. Keep getting booted out of the Trade screen, when selecting the quantity and the ‘Sell’ button.
  2. When it does not kick me out I try and sell an item and it reports that the seller is at another trade post, when they are in fact at the same one. I press escape to leave the trade menu and try again, and if I am not booted out, it works.


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