Is the merge done?

@Standor I’m sorry but…what?

I did no such thing, lol. I linked Luxendra’s post about extending downtime and said nothing whatsoever about transfer tokens or wanting one. More coffee, buddy? :wink:

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:laughing:sorry, was for DziabareSS.

Thanks for the correction.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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@Standor here you go, amigo - have a double shot on me. :wink:

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Yeah yeah!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Thanks!!!


How the tokens were to be awarded in January when updating more and then people did not get it, you probably have a poor memory

Dev post says merge is done, but I can’t log on, because it says my world is still merging (Was Difu on US-East, now merged onto Castle of Steel ) … Sad times

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Yep trapalanda into CoS and still stuck on a merg

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same still cant log in
verified game files but still no joy

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Hi @Zombies @Mayimbe @Beorhthere

Thank you for letting us know. It might be a server delay. Please wait for the merge to end.

It might take more time.

Thank you for your patience and consideration.

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I have two characters. One has been merged and is listed with the new server. One is still listed with the old server. The server to be merged into is up. Maybe failed to merge?

i thought it was supposed to end at 14:30 EST?
plus you guys posted that they were complete… if they aren’t complete, why would you say they are complete?


just under that post (30 min ago) they are saying us east is all up… but its not

Your new server has a much cool name though… That has to count for something, right. LOL


The delay is because they forgot to transfer the bots.

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Don’t you hate that… You load up the car and are halfway to your destination and then you realize you left something behind.

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been over an hour since they said US East was done and its still down so…no merge isnt done the dev went to lunch.

This is a joke. What’s it gonna be another 3 hours?

Hello all,

Our team is aware of the issue, we are sorry for it.

Please check the following [Notice] Server Merges: Central EU, US-East, US-West, and Australia for further information.

Im going to close this post, as devs are going to take care and handle information using the link provided.