Is the merge done?

just under that post (30 min ago) they are saying us east is all up… but its not

Your new server has a much cool name though… That has to count for something, right. LOL


The delay is because they forgot to transfer the bots.

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Don’t you hate that… You load up the car and are halfway to your destination and then you realize you left something behind.

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been over an hour since they said US East was done and its still down so…no merge isnt done the dev went to lunch.

This is a joke. What’s it gonna be another 3 hours?

Hello all,

Our team is aware of the issue, we are sorry for it.

Please check the following [Notice] Server Merges: Central EU, US-East, US-West, and Australia for further information.

Im going to close this post, as devs are going to take care and handle information using the link provided.