Is the new big patch going live on this 8 December?

Just wondering if it’s even a possibility or not … so i can prepare myself.

Anything is possible in New World.

Whatever predetermined day they have decided to roll it out is the day it’s going out. Bugs/exploits or no.

More likely next week than next to give the appearance of testing but it’s going out before Xmas hell or high water(mark).


it will keep the bad state of combat with everyone running heavy armor. keeping mages even more unplayable… also destroying skills like riposte so idk… i hope they give up to upload it.

@Luxendra can you help me pls.


It’s most likely next week. This week would be insane as the testing would have been less than a week and all the hassle for the PTR would be totally wasted. It can only be next week. In two weeks were already shortly before holidays and I am sure they will take 2-3 weeks off.

I expect it to go live right before the holidays so they can have a couple weeks off to rest afterwards.

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I mean… they already proved that with the last PTR release, so…

And we will still not be able to find the mats you need to craft a lot of stuff on the TP.

Sticky Vines etc.

Fixing is hard, nerfs are better.

I think the Winter Event is going live in the next week or so…

But I think the Gypsum System will go live next year… January I think.

Edit: Might be wrong… just going by what I have heard on the grapevine.

Thanks for the valuable output of information so far, i agree with your opinions as well.

Gypsum comes with the next patch, but the (down) SCALING comes early next year…^^

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2 servers will be merged in EU region. Nothing said about other servers.

The 2 servers being merged in EU is a trial run.

If it works out, they will do others.

I don’t know when…

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