Is the "new player" queue different than that for a returning player?

I see some crazy queue lengths for joining a server, but once you’ve played on a server, do you get priority when returning? I’d hate to have to wait over an hour on a regular basis.

It doesn’t change, In my server I got level 10 on, I got booted off while playing and now i’ve been waiting 2 hours at a 300 queue that hasn’t moved in the past 30 minutes.

you wont beable to get back in if you get the lag detected bug you are literally never gonna get back in you will have to recreate your character because the que never moves

Ok, I logged out for a break and while the queue for my server shows 14646, when I clicked to play my character, it only show 210 ahead of me. So returning players get in front of the new player queue, which is a relief.

I don’t think it’s a priority queue. I believe the “new” queue is to the tutorial server which moves rather quickly. However, when returning, you’re waiting on people to leave the actual game to be able to join. My GF was at ~1,200 on the new player queue about two hours ago and has been playing for an hour. Two hours ago, I was ~800 on a returning player queue and am now at 626 still waiting.

The intro tutorial isn’t a separate server, but an instance on the server. When you finish the tutorial, you don’t get put back in the queue, but enter the starting area after a short delay while the map loads.

Nope. Got booted because I stepped away too long apparently (not sure afk log off timer is but seems to be less than 15 mins), full on 878 queue when I tried to get back in (this is one of the newer lower pop worlds too).

Really need to increase the server cap to 3k.

I am LVL 24 an i am in the “Starting Area” Queue which seems to be different form the normal queue

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