Is the Signet of the Swap bugged now?

I was farming Tazorjaw and the ring drop at 483 Ilvl not the 590+ since it’s a named item.

This appears to intentionally dropping below 590. The notes said there would be some exceptions to that and that appears to be the case here.

" * * Please note: While the majority of Named items have been impacted, there have been exceptions and categories across the board that were not updated. This is intended. Due to the sheer number of items, a full list is beyond the scope of these patch notes."

but the game is show it as a named item still with the glowing around the item. So this isn’t a bug and meant this way?

As the patch notes explain, some Named items were intentionally not modified to drop at a guaranteed 590. This appears to be the case with the Signet of the Swamp.

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It is totally correct there are exceptions for the named item 500-600 it is not always guaranted to have a 590 named drop on some specific items

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