Is there a bug reguarding chest drip for rabbit event?

So I have max luck and have killed over 1500 rabbits and I have made sure to run up to everyone to not miss the chest drop does anyone know what is going on or if there is a bug making it not drop for me? If anyone has any insight please let me know I am very aggravated I feel you should not have to kill this many rabbits no matter how rare the drop is especially with max luck
Angry Elmer Fudd


Its just RNG. Some people get it quickly and others it takes 1000’s of kills and everywhere in between. It sucks but that’s what it is, RNG.

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Luck is not help you with this is pure RNG, drop rate is low this is the best chest, rabbits are everywhere u can kill it by one shot, do not expect u will drop it in 2-3 days.

Yes it is broken. It is supposed to need a roll over 99900 (of a 100000 sided dice, and luck is supposed to help.

The actual probability to have it seem to be actually different, more in line with what would be expected if luck was not being applied. Just check the other threads about that, there is some maths explanation out thete. No word from AGS.

From what I understand, there isn’t a bug on the drop, since there are definitely people getting it. If it helps, I am also unlucky in this regard :frowning:


The problem I am facing is that there are so many people looking for these rabbits that everywhere is packed with people so I can’t even get a kill in on a rabbit. Everywhere I’ve gone is like that.

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Not a bug, it’s an intended grind. If it makes you feel better, we had a guy in the company that killed over 1750 rabbits in order to get the chest drop. I gave up at about 400

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The bug is not about whether it is possible or not to get the drop. The bug is about :

  • is luck playling or not a role to improve the drop chance?
  • what is the actual expected drop rate, from the event designer point of view? According to the reverse-engineered data tables, it seems to be 100/10000. But statistical analysis of reported number of kills needed seem to point to a different probability.

Happy to share more about that, if ags is interested in following-up for transparency sake.

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over 3k rabbits killed and still no chest.

all this time wasted when i could be doing something actually fun/progress my character is pretty sucky tbh. i mean, i have done my fair share of souless grinds in mmos over the years but this one takes it to a whole new level of lameness. meh.


I killed 20 rabbits till now, just bought for 9k xD dont waste your time.

LMAO If I could award you 100 of those chests just for that closing I would!!! :smiley:

Sorry Lux that doesn’t help. I wish people would refer instead to the hours they’ve been killing rabbits as opposed to the numbers. The sheer amount of time required is the true tragedy of this so-called event. For me it took over 8 real hours of game time I could have spent doing things I actually enjoy. Out of that 8some hours 7 of them were spent in pure anger at the bad design of this event. Is that what AGS developers were shooting for? Seriously?


4,6k kills so far with full luck gear, luck weapons, pearls, 3x major luck trophies, no chest, feels like something is not working as intended

EDIT: another 100 kills got me the chest. 4,7k+ rabbit kills to get the item, feels pretty dumb having wasted so much time on the item. Wouldn’t want to take part in such an event in the future, should be some ‘‘pity timer mechanism’’ employed for these limited time RNG drops imo, like the more kills after a certain threshold, the higher the chance of getting it.

The whole experience left me feeling pretty annoyed

the chest is really cool!, keep it rare please, but after killing first few rabbits i realized thats all what we get, just rabbits to kill, so i dont blame folks that after hours of farming JUST rabbits they come to the forums and complain.

Important: instead of group fun, we get annoyed when people come to steal your rabbit, is that what was intended ? Good solo content at 4 am, maybe… Lest add rabbit infestation in the last week in some random places…

Was expecting turkulon 2.0, big rabbit with laser eyes that shakes the ground when hopping, swaping tail like crocodie and rushing forward to knock down everyone in front. we were just expecting more, seriously.
Maybe next time …

PS i like this event, just want more :slight_smile:

i got it on day two, i spent 5hr each day and lost count on how many i killed bc people werent skinning the corpse so i took them too, but side note when i got mine it was blending in with the corpse and i didnt see it til i went and skinned the rabbit

I actually got it 2100 something rabbits in and I never have been happier in my life lol will never kill another rabbit haha defiantly not a bug just very very rare.

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Hi Luxendra,
Yes people are getting it, but a number of us are not getting after 1,000s of kills which could mean there is in fact a bug.

Can we at least have the Devs look at it to be sure?

As mentioned in another post. Statistics are pointing towards a bug

The bug is not the chest not dropping it is the high rarity that these things poses and the luck system we are all suffering under. I am a hunter in game so I ‘need’ this chest as I want to decorate my main house as a hunting lodge. However I can’t go longer than an hour or so focusing rabbits before I get bored of the task.

I stopped counting rabbits after 1,000.

But it took me 87 Sumptuous Rabbits to get it without being flagged or having any gathering luck bonuses. I got mine in First Light between the fort and the shrine

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So I actually finally got it yesterday it took about 2100 rabbits but am so thankful I don’t ever have to shoot another rabbit again haha. Thanks for the reply and clarification I really appreciate it.