Is there a new dupe? all the TP is bought out!

is there a new dupe as the trading post is bought out of mats, all the prices are just outrageous!
Is it that someone just transferred to my server with unlimited coins?
Or… is there an in-game Christmas rush?

I’m just baffled as to how everything triples in price overnight!

I thought the toilet paper rush of 2020 was behind us…

Obviously in jest.

I haven’t noticed such dramatic swings then again I’m not really looking.

If duping were the issue, one would expect lowering of prices with an abundance of material posted.

Not the other way around.

Did your server just merge because after we merged the market has been volatile but is slowly settling back down. Remember ALOT of people hoarded resources and money in preparation for server merges and that will take some time to filter into the economy.

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Exactly what i thought,was played on Vlaanderen which pretty much empty server with 100+ players on peak time. Last week merged with 3 or 4 other servers to City Of Brass and now as soon as i posted something on TP its gone lol.

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Yes. There is another dupe. Keep it hush hush until devs can fix it. Otherwise it’ll cause another trading post lockdown

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Our server did just merge last Wednesday. Guess that is the cause of the insanity.
Hope it will settle down soon, some stability would be nice.

The house tax is literally duped x9. So whatever gold people pay in house tax is duped and are increased 900% to companies so we are probably seeing some insane inflation right now.p where some few players get more coin than then know what to do with.

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That only applies to territory owners. But I’m surprised not as many people read official Amazon patch notes… there is a dupe that AGS is working on fixing (or fixed… supposedly) in 1.2

Was there many items on your market ?

Also some people transfer out in big servers and take alot of rss with them and try to make a quick buck on other server

Price move up and down going with offer and demand.

Example : On weeks day , i sell thick hide around 0.35-0.55 to be competitive. Sometimes, a crazy buyer come in and buy everything and i alrdy sold thick hide up to 1.7g / hide

Same example with ori ingots : Price were around 13-14g and suddenly everything went up at 20-23g.

I like how the market works now and you can see what it demands and whats not by checking it often.

The only thing i would like more about TP is to give us more option on completed transactions.

  • Let us sort completed transaction by time completed so we can see what just sold

  • Let us delete completed transaction that been there for days… Why cant i just delete some completed transaction that been completed for 2 months ? I Dont need to see them anymore

I think there alot of QOL that can improve TP, it could also give us a history for each rss so we can see what is selling right now…that might not be a priority but im sure people playing TP would enjoys some QOL / improvements on TP

  • Oh and i forgot : just add simple filters to search items it would make it way easier
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If you owned WW and everfall your company would have about 1 mil for each member of 100 players. Or (smarter) 1 player could quite literally controller the entire market place of a server.

WW/EF owners that didn’t real money trade (IE sell gold) should be sitting around 100+mil. With this kind of capital I could quite literally buy the entire auction house on a 1000 man server. And it happens quite often lol.

Ags just has bezos fantasies.

my server has only 500 pop now

Also want to bump this thread. I am on a higher pop server (Themyscira ~1k peak atm) and ive seen Ori Ingots more than double in 24 hours (went over 32g last night), Lumber has more than tripled (over 3.3g) and we’ve seen other markets get bought out to similar degrees.

There is a ton of money in our server and recent events might have prompted some of the richer groups to start spending but this was a very noticeable spike and hearing its happening on a smaller server adds to the concern.

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One person was advertising for “buying everyones asmo cds, DM me your price!”

Seems that some people have almost endless coins to spend.

Kinda scary its happening on high pop servers too.

whats really scary is how often these dupes keep happening…


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