Is there a patch this week?

Servers are back up and trade house is working fine but it appears nothing else was done. They said the skill bugs were in flight for a fix but we still don’t have a eta and I haven’t seen anything about a patch this week.

I really want to play my mage again and stop being 1 shot my hatchet exploiters and stop seeing perma speed great axe people beat me to every node.

I am frustrated is all. I love this game and I really appreciate the devs and their hard work but please just be honest, do i need to take a week off to wait for a mage fix?


They did say we have a patch comming this week, but this downtime was not for that. I wish they were more clear with any patch notes as well. We need direct details of every change done. Because of how common shadow changes occur in online gaming because of no info.

Thats also normally how things get left and exploits go unnoticed and abused.

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I guess no because AGS always sucks at communicating with the community. They „fixed“ the duping stuff but not really because it still works. Seems at AGS only working 3 people


As has been the case most other weeks they will announce the patch 5 hours ahead of schedule with the patch notes attached.

Usually that is wednesday morning in the eu/tuesday evening in the US.

On occasion it may be thursday/friday in case something is particularly difficult to fix and they need a few more days as was the case with the previous patch.

Yeah where are my legendary crafting mats like Etched Handguard and Empowered Counterbalance? Endgame stuff not ingame is such a bad thing. Fix ASG!

While I want to use Firestaff again and see Bugs fixed I am afraid that another patch will break even more stuff.

I don’t know if I want more patches in this game. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I just want ice gauntlet fixed, honestly. I have been playing at a disadvantage for over a week now cause ice storm doesn’t deal any damage anymore. Friends want to run dungeons, but I can’t see myself doing that when half my damage is just gone.

I have never tested out the Hatchet damage bug when it was active but today I went leveling the hatchet and when there are lots of mobs the dmg ramps up like crazy but once the number of mobs surrounding me gets lower my dmg also gets a lot lower.

To me that looks like they fixed the hatchet damage bug. Anyone else tested this?

If they would have combined the weekly update with this fix, they would have broken even more. This way they can fix this issue at least for one or two days. Tomorrow or Friday we’ll get the patch which breaks everything again, so enjoy the good time as long as it lasts.


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