Is there a reason for making a bunch of new servers vs. also increasing the server cap?

There is over 120+ NA East servers now with more probably going to be added in the next couple days, but what I want to know is if there is a specific reason why the servers can only hold a small amount of players. Is it a technical issue, a hardware or software issue? I’d like to know the exact reason why and get an explanation. I know they said they’re working on increasing the cap and that’s good but some explaining would be nice not just a “yea we’re doing it.”

They need to test and be sure the servers can run stable with an increased player capacity. No point in increasing the server capacity if it causes bag lag or crashes. It would just give the forum warriors more to complain about.

Also, it is not unreasonable to presume that if they significantly increase the server capacity, they may have to make changes to many mechanics in the server, such as mob spawns, or the balance could get thrown all out of whack. And of course more fuel to the forum warrior’s fire.

However, technically, the servers should be able to hold many more than 2,000 players. I think AGS took a very conservative approach and limited the capacity too much. They wanted to ensure server stability (no lag, desync, or disconnects). But other MMOs hold up to 10,000 players, so I think AGS could have gone with 4,000 or so from the start and still had stable servers

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We just need Transfers ASAP… Just turn on unlimited transfers somehow ASAP, and people will load balance themselves so they can A) play with their friends and B) just play at all… while C) not losing their already invested time…

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