Is there a reason the world sets are being merged into 2 servers instead of 1?

Was recently edited to include more information. My world set for exemple being Arkadia Psi is being merged into 2 servers. These 2 servers will have a population (As of right now) of 320 players on one and 410 on the other.

You could merge them all together and still have less active players on that server than eden or valhalla alone. Why can’t you merge them all together? Instead of having 7 dead servers now we’ll have 2 dead servers per world set.


Right! I agree, I was on Riallaro and it’s the same thing. So confused, but only thing I can think of is that they wanna test on a small scale first. shrug

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Mergers are content.

If they do it twice, it’s twice the content. Didn’t you know?

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They could be afraid of merging too many servers and then if they release an update someday that’s actually interesting, a bunch of players may rush back and all the sudden you have a bunch of servers with a queue again. Rather than looking at just current players, they may be looking at total players who still have characters on those servers in case they come back at some point. My server is merging into one with 900 people (we have 1-200) so the two you mention seem pretty small for post-merged servers. Even when my server was still at 1kish people we didn’t have OPR running at all times.

With players coming and going and such a very small server cap of 2k, hitting a sweet spot of not too many that you have a queue but enough to actually be able to do content is an impossibly small window to maintain when you don’t control players coming and going.

Hopefully they’re also working on a longer-term solution as well.

Oldschool tiny servers are a logistical nightmare that no company will ever manage to make people happy with long-term. You just can’t make people spread out in an ideal way. You’ll have a small number of servers where people live in a bubble and think everything is fine because those are the only ones with a decent population and faction balance, then all the other servers are a nightmare either due to total population or faction imbalance.

Guild Wars 2 mega-server system I think makes the most sense in MMOs. It just accepts that you logistically can’t manage dozens of smaller server populations and that trying to will just lead to many players being stuck in a bad situation, which leads to more players quitting. WoW sort of went half-way there, but everyone is still technically on separate servers and they limit mythic raids to same-server only and you can only join guilds of people from your server. People complain relentlessly about cross-server tech and what not in WoW, but they don’t understand how bad things were for people on dying servers before you could play with anyone anywhere. Some argue smaller servers are better for “community,” but they ignore how many of those small communities suffer and die while only a small number thrive. Waiting for weeks or months for a merger and then sometimes ending up on another dead server and having to wait for another one isn’t a winning strategy for an MMO.

Unfortunately this game’s territory system doesn’t mesh with the population solutions other games have used, so I’m not sure what they can do long-term without significant changes to the game.

Arkadia psi should all be one server. AGS time to put your thinking caps on come on. The only thing people have been holding onto with this game is the hope of a server merger to be on similar scale to the big servers. If you do mergers and don’t achieve at least 1k+ active player counts you just lost even more people to quitting.


Kinda what i’m expecting. They’re merging 7 dead servers into 2 servers on life support instead of 1 healthy server. People will quit because you can’t get shit done on these 2 servers so they’ll merge the 2 dead servers into a dead server and wonder where did it all go so wrong.

Eden or valhalla alone have more players than the whole of arkadia psi combined. Eden and valhalla is where people who still have their transfer token go because this is what people want to play, a healthy server with opr, world pvp, wars happening all the time, etc.

This merge made me hope my server would turn into a server like eden or valhalla but with 200-300’ish less players. Instead i’m going from 150 population to 300. You what? Can we get transfer already do i don’t have to depend on the devs to assume they know better to properly play the game i paid for?


same! I’m on Tlalocan and we are mainly purple, they are split merging are servers set into two each with peaks at 600 ish once merged the servers we are merging with are also mainly purple. not to mention the server we are merging into the map is completely purple so I guess that means no wars or ability for my company to take land unless we all swap factions.
I want competition and diversity but I guess that’s too much to ask for.

To be fair your purple problem is not a problem just get your company to switch factions

I’m on zeta, can anyone explain why Asgard one of the highest population servers in the whole game needs another server added to it, while us in the other 4 lowest population servers are not being all merged together and getting added to hades? Makes ZERO sense what so ever. Well done


Same apllies to vanaheim firma. Merging 7 worlds into 2 with arround 500-600 people each (for now). A lot of people wanted to get merged all together so we have a good playerbase of arround 1000ish people at peaks like ags did in the beginning with caer sidi server.

Welcome to Dianas Grove… (cricket noises)

@Rughn I’ll be seeing you in Diana’s grove Marauders need to get the Covenant under control :+1:

See you there :smiley: Message Vassin from Infantry ingame to hook up with whats left of the core Marauder playerbase on the server.

@Rughn we are from Takshasila ‘EternalCrows’ lots of Marauder’s all looking forward to the merge and PvP

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this is why static servers and a low pop cap iS FUCKING STUPID. If you CANNOT MAKE AN MMO PROPERLY DONT FUCKING MAKE IT

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