Is there a way to dispute a name and company name?

It’s petty, and I understand that, But in the beta and alpha, I used the name Balthial in all my characters and other games and had a company and a current discord from beta/alpha for beta/alpha players for my company called Celestial Knights. Is there a way to dispute it to get the names back?

Probably not as no one has a claim to a given name as long as that name falls within the ToS. You could make a post in the General Discussion forum here and on Steam to see if the current company with that name would kindly hand it over, but that’s about it

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I figured it was a long shot but worth a shot

You could try using capital i for the l’s. Might look a little different, or try CelestialKnights (no space)?

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Or replace the B with a ß.

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